27 April 2011


the boots from my last post have still not arrived.... therefore, I may have to abort that outfit and find a new one. :( Jacque {my lil' sis} ordered the same boots the exact same day - of course hers came monday - today is WEDNESDAY- and I leave tomorrow night for Detroit and mine are no where to be found. She doesn't need hers until next fall, I need mine like yesterday. Frustration...

**UPDATE** received a call {yeah, one of those calls} from Famous Footwear. According to them there was a system glitch and they actually did not have THE BOOTS in a size 8.5 like I ordered. So now I must wait approximately 3 weeks to receive a refund check from them and a coupon for 20% off my next purchase... too bad I never, (and when I say NEVER, I mean never) ever shop at Famous Footwear. The only reason I purchased those awesome boots was because I saw them on someone's blog, and HAD to have them... but nope, I no longer get those beautiful brown boots with the red zipper.

26 April 2011

getting ready.

For a few weeks I have been trying to get everything together I need for Detroit. Joanna's wedding is this weekend and I am still trying to find one last outfit,
that MUST go with these boots:

2 1/2 days until the 11:30pm - red eye - not looking forward to - flight to Detroit, Michigan. I have never been there, nor am I looking forward to leaving the beautiful spring weather in AZ to the miserable cold, and forecasted rainy weekend.
At least I get to pull out some of my winter clothes one last time before it is mandatory shorts weather in the blistering Arizona heat.

25 April 2011


Hello, welcome to a blast of thingamajigs and nonsense.