20 December 2011

{seven} J's

tonight the 7 J's will be together again for the first time in a 
long, long time.
to say i am excited is an understatement!

'tis the season :)
fa la la la laaa la la la laaa


spouses (christen, preeti, & dalila),
 oh and all the little ones too :)

lil' jason
+1 due in july 

boyfriend will be there and mom & dad too! we will be celebrating ashley & sophie's birthdays!
clint, you will be missed but we'll see you for the new year!

last family photo taken, only missing baby char-char!

16 December 2011


i am in dire need of christmas present ideas for:
S.I.L. christen & S.I.L. dalila

any and all ideas are welcomed!!!

oh and nephew presents! got those nieces covered ;)

07 December 2011


this post is dedicated to the week i spent with my person.
it was her first time experiencing the temple family traditions of thanksgiving.
and boy was she satisfied.
we ate til our buttons popped, err pants expanded {i was wearing stretchy pants}
i was terrible about taking photos to document the weekend but here are the ones we did get :) :)
50 states game

happy thanksgiving from lloyd christmas jr {dumb & dumber}

someone is due in july! no, not me. but the identity will be revealed in due time :)
UPDATE: jennelle is due in july and is having a baby girl! one more for the girls!
girls rule boys drool! this will bring us to 4 nieces and 7 nephews. girls are catching up!!!

o christmas tree {my parents beautiful tree we decorated saturday after thanksgiving}

homemade poutine {a canadian delight}

 we had too much fun and too much food!
we ate:
heidi's deli
{got take out} flos 1329482348130 times
auntie mai & umo sam's for thanksgiving dinner #1
my parents for thanksgiving dinner #2
nordstroms cafe
leftover turkey noodle soup {a la julie's recipe}
homemade poutine {cheese curds can be bought at sprouts!}
cracker barrel
studio movie grill

i may be forgetting some, but we sure did enjoy food.
we even baked some pies! 2 pecan and 3 blueberry. YUM!
we wanted to watch holiday movies, but there's not really any thanksgiving movies
so instead we decided to watch every thanksgiving episode of FRIENDS.
and that is where we came up with the idea for the 50 states game.
on thanksgiving they play it to see who can name the most states in 6 minutes.
so we all tried and it was so hilariously funny.  first roomie, julie & i played
then we broke out the game at my parents and had my sis-in-law brother and boyfriend play.
it will seriously mess with your mind. no joke. TRY IT!
we were all crowded around the table playing and dad kept trying to talk to us but no one would respond
we all just kept our heads down like, yeah, uh huh...
THURSDAY EVENING was my first experience ever for REAL black friday shopping.
we were not planning on going, however we were leaving my parents around 10:00pm and julie says, well the stores will be opening now, wanna shop?
i think she was joking but i said sure so we went on over to target, which was still closed so we drove by best buy just to look at the line... that was one RIDICULOUS line and ended up at wal mart.
they had great deals on dvds. so we chose a few and then ran into auntie julie, jessy, $4 and kevin {boyfriend's aunt and cousins} so we hung out with them and helped them get their big ticket items... which are to be unnamed until after christmas, since some are for prying eyes... ;)
the rest of the weekend was a blast.  we went shopping with jessy ate and made tons more food. saw a movie for boyfriend's birthday.

too bad julie lives so far away!! :( :( however we did just find out that spirit air flys cheap into mesa now so her and i will be together plenty more and more frequently!! :) :) :)