16 October 2014

Teeth crawler

This little boy of ours has teeth and is crawling! Time is flying so fast I almost forgot to post his 8 month photos on Sunday. I had no idea it was already the 12th again! I really should start posting his photos here and not just on Instagram. (jaimerayyan)

We're currently in the process of talking Mr. into getting grass for our backyard and trying to decide on our Halloween costumes. I think I've finally figured out our costumes and am going to attempt to sew Max's! Fingers crossed I can remember all the sewing tricks, I did make my senior prom dress, thanks mom for teaching me!
And the grass... I think we've convinced Mr. we need grass, however the timeline of when is still up for debate.  I believe we need to do it now so we can enjoy it this fall and even more so this spring! Max will be running around before we know it and we'll definitely need the extra outdoor space so he can run all his crazy energy out. Plus, almost time to play catch with dad in the backyard! 
Today we escaped to the train park with some friends and we absolutely enjoyed laying on our blanket in the grass. Definitely did not help Mr.'s want for me to "maybe, hopefully" forget about grass for now. Don't think that'll happen ;) 
Hope you're enjoying the nice weather as much as we are!