31 May 2011

the end.

the end of the weekend and end of the month. {happy birthday to boyfriend's dad}
this weekend was a blast!
seriously, one of the best in a long while. (pretty sure in 10 days when khara visits that'll be an epic weekend too)
friday started with girls night with my s.i.l., mom, & jacque.
first s.i.l., mom, & i went to get our nails done. we found a great coupon for $30 mani/pedi.
that was quite an interesting 2 hours... 
none of our nail technicians spoke english, so here we are trying to tell them to cut our nails or trying to pay or even compliment them and they just smile and nod.  
finally, when i said money my lady realized i was trying to pay her. it was an adventure i tell you.but nonetheless we laughed about it and went on our way.
then, we picked up pizza went home and watched the wedding planner on tv. about 8:15 pm my s.i.l. and i went down to sky harbor to pick up her husband.  when we got back we waited a little for jacque to get home.
once jacque got home we watched midway to heaven, not the greatest movie, but we were so excited to see michelle money in it {she was on the last season of the bachelor} albeit a disappointment we laughed and enjoyed it and said, never again.  haha.  then jacque had to pack for idaho {her missionary is back} so here my s.i.l. & i are, sitting on jacques bed watching her try on outfit after outfit, laughing hysterically, watching youtube videos {one in particular that maybe i will post} and just enjoying each others company. 
it really was a great time. 
then, oh about 3:30am rolled around {my s.i.l. had already ditched us for her bed} and i decided, time for bed... so i drove home, hopped in my bed and passed out. i got to sleep in, yay, FINALLY.  usually my body has a self-set alarm clock and i am up by 8am, but i may have actually learned to turn it off.  so about 11:30am saturday, i wake up and boyfriend is all ready to go to umo mazen's for a day of swimming and bbqing.  he picked me up about 12:30pm and off we went - but first i said, target run! i need a swimsuit.  i have not bought a new swimsuit since the last time i went to visit my grandparents in florida {about 2 years ago} all my swimsuits are worn and WAY too big or WAY too small... so target then umo mazen's.  
the day was filled with fun, food, & family.  the girls enjoyed the sun with bubbles in the jacuzzi -
me, nicki, & dani (i promise im wearing a swimsuit)
umo mazen brought out some shampoo and just filled the hot tub with awesome bubbles and the boys enjoyed the shade and boyfriend and big isa played some catch {football & the chicago bears - all those boys need}.  we ate amazing food made by auntie julie and finished it off with ice cream cones and apple pie.  once the sun set we played a great game of basketball - big isa, carol, dani & later to be joined by nicki vs boyfriend, #4 and myself.  umo sam played offense the entire time.  incredibly fun game, but next time, must wear some sort of shoes {rubbed my feet raw} and lots & lots of padding {swear i have bruises everywhere - no fouls called} we then went to a movie at the pavillions in the ultra star cinema. sunday, went to church then over to boyfriend's for a bbq and lounging by the pool.  we hung out for a few hours then headed to my parents to ride with them out to jason's house {my eldest silbing} for another bbq.  (boy did i get my fill of bbq this weekend and it was AMAZING) i also got a sneak peek at the house they will be moving into at the end of this month.  it is absolutely beautiful.  i would love to go in there and decorate it for my s.i.l. {jason's wife}  monday i slept in some and then hung out with gannon.  we ran to a few stores and then went up to my parents for another bbq for memorial day
(to my father for serving our country and to all the men & women who have served or are serving currently, THANK YOU).
 we ate an awesome meal of bbq ribs, corn on the cob, beans, chips, & rolls. it was great food.  then we watched glenn beck's special on stephenie nielson {nieniedialogues.com} and her husband's plane crash and about the being burn survivors/thrivers.  it was a great special, i have been following her blog for years. afterwards we went to lay out and swim in the pool, however, before we could jump in the pool boyfriend calls and says you have a flat tire.  i go check the tire and sure enough there is a nail in my tire.  luckily, sams club was open so we hand pumped some air into the tire - stopped at mcchevron and pumped the tire full {free air at mcchevron} and then drove to sams.  low & behold they fixed the tire for FREE! however, i have really bad front end alignment and badly needed 2 new tires up front, so yeah, lucky me, had to purchase 2 new tires and have to get a front end alignment this week.  after waiting around about 1 hour and a half {sitting in recliners in the middle of sams club while watching mega mind and people staring as they passed by and also getting a free gift -knife-}  my car was ready and off we went home...

me on my couch in the middle of sams club 
boyfriend on his recliner thoroughly enjoying mega mind :)

changed from swim clothes to comfy clothes and headed back to my parents for the newest episode of the bachelorette.
last night's episode was GREAT! loved it -- too bad the mask didn't get to take off his mask, hopefully next week he will.  william {my day one choice} is still going strong! although at the cocktail party i did lose some liking for him (ding dong).  can't wait for next week's episode.

so LAST NIGHT... i can't sleep... i tried, but low & behold, nada.  so eventually, about 2am i turn everything off and try to sleep... it was quite pathetic.  around 6am i believe i finally crash, and all of a sudden it is 7:45am and boyfriend is calling.  {thank you boo} he realized he hadn't heard from me so YEAH! lucky me, boyfriend called and woke me up in just enough time for me to literally change, eat, & run out the door at the same time.  

here's to a good night's sleep tonight!

our favorite youtube video from the weekend.

27 May 2011

the countdown.

i have been counting down this weekend for weeks! {more like months}
not only do i get a three day weekend but boyfriend does too.
he works tirelessly 6 days a week always.  
never do we get a 2 day weekend together, 
so now that we both get a 3 day weekend, boy do i feel
although he has chosen his first night of the weekend to be a guys night - ugh {love you boo}
i know the rest of the weekend will be spent with moi!
(therefore, tonight i will have a girls night with my SIL, mom & jacque once she's outta work.)
on our weekend agenda:
we have a bbq and swimming with his family on saturday - maybe a movie too :)
sunday church and a bbq with my family out at my eldest brother's house {jason & wife: christen}
and monday we are contemplating floating the salt river! 
we have a great weekend planned - what are your plans?

t-minus one hour until my weekend BEGINS!  
goodbye work, hello fun in the sun.
p.s. an update: the water didn't come on in t-minus 20 mins, therefore, i had to go shower 
at my parents house, gannon came along too -- 
finally almost 2 hours after the water was supposed to be turned back
on we finally had full water pressure - 
today i am thankful for running water and hot showers

26 May 2011


what am i missing in my life? water.
of course, the one day that i am working from home they decide to finally fix the leak in the parking lot.
so, since 10am i have been waterless. 
 luckily, i have a water pitcher in the fridge and filled my bathtub with some water to wash hands etc.
they said it should be back on by 4pm so t-minus 20 minutes to go.
i really just want to shower!

25 May 2011

what's for dinner?

my brother, SIL, and their 2 kids have been in town for about a week
- unfortunately my brother had to return home for work and school -
{law school - he's pretty smart - his wife too, she already completed the law school part, now just the bar for her}
HOWEVER, he is coming back this weekend to enjoy a little bit of the memorial weekend and then they'll all drive back home to texas, monday.

while my SIL is in town we have been kitchen junkies {jacque & mom too} - making amazing food constantly.
our menu has included:

potato salad
elmo birthday cake
chocolate covered strawberries
mint brownies
marshmallow brownies
all types of salads
we did eat at flo's once {must do when in scottsdale}
and last, but certainly not least - last night's dinner:
drum roll:
BBQ chicken pizza

never before have i made such amazing homemade pizza - seriously this one takes the cake for
{even ask boyfriend}
homemade crust, fresh'n'easy original BBQ sauce, red onion, chicken, mozzarella & gouda cheese and to top it all off - pineapple! extraordinarily epic.

that one will be in the for sure must make every month recipe book.

my bf {julie} is a major foodie, so this post could not be complete without mentioning her:
while i write this post she is currently reading about people's last meals before execution -
she shared the list with me, and i must say PEOPLE ARE WEIRD!
the different meals vary from small items to feasts:

John William Elliott: One cup of hot tea (from tea bags) and six chocolate chip cookies.
John Richard Baltazar: Cool Whip and cherries - not served it as the prison did not keep it stocked
Tony Lee Walker: French fries, five pieces of fried chicken and three Dr Peppers.
T.J. Jones: Triple meat cheeseburger with fried bun and everything, french fries, ketchup, four pieces of chicken (two legs and two thighs) and one fried pork chop sandwich.
Daniel E. Reneau: One tray of french fries with salt and ketchup, one tray of nachos with cheese and jalapenos, one cheeseburger with mustard and everything and one pitcher of sweet tea.
Stanley Allison Baker Jr.: Two 16-ounce ribeyes, one pound turkey breast (sliced thin), twelve strips of bacon, two large hamburgers with mayo, onion and lettuce, two large baked potatoes with butter, sour cream, cheese and chives, four slices of cheese or one-half pound of grated cheddar cheese, chef salad with blue cheese dressing, two ears of corn on the cob, one pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and four vanilla Cokes or Mr. Pibb.
Gerald Lee Mitchell: One bag of assorted Jolly Ranchers.

(fried chicken seems to be the way to go...) no pun intended. haha...

can we say creepy mccreepersons? YEAH!

anyways what would you wish for, for your last meal? {morbid, i know}

24 May 2011


oh tim, i swear that is the fastest anyone has ever been kicked out of the mansion...

last night was the season premiere of the bachelorette! and boy did i have a good time. i threw a mini premiere party at my parent's house, complete with roses, candles, rose petals fantasy "suites" and a cocktail party punch. everyone chose their favorite bachelor, by the picture alone, and waited to see if they made the first cut.
sophie & dalila's men were cut, but everyone else chose a winner for the night!
tim got wasted and blacked out - sent home even before the rose ceremony.
jeff- uhh whose he? the man in the mask - {weird. we thought so}
i really want the bachelorette's dress from last night, too bad it's oh about
$20,000.00 {just over my budget}
- can't wait to see all the fashion this season -
that is my main reason for watching, oh and not to mention some nice eye candy :)
but... back to the boys:
my first impression - by looks alone - went to william and did he turn out to be fun!
definitely want to throw more parties and will definitely throw one for the finale of the bachelorette :)

here for your enjoyment: photos from the party

table setting
got to have the red roses...
meet the bachelors
my niece sophie & i
our bachelors {hey boyfriend}
the girls {jacque, dalila, preeti, sophie, moms knee - dad watched too}

23 May 2011

the weekend.

oh what a weekend i had.
i need a weekend to rest from that weekend.
first, friday was justis' 2nd birthday {justis is my adorable indian nephew}
we ate at flo's- even his great grandma (little abbuh)
made it all the way from INDIA and joined in on the fun.
then we went back to grandma's house (my mom) for a yummy strawberry shortcake, cake from A.J.'s.
then boyfriend and the boys went to kevin's for james' bachelor party {aka playing the card game Magic}
i stayed at my mom's and watched THE ROOMMATE with jacque, preeti, mom & dad - although i am pretty sure mom & dad slept through it {but that is old news, when don't they sleep through a movie? just like my BIL clint} afterwards i went home and hung out with gannon {roomie/jen}
finally went to bed.
saturday i woke up and ran a ton of errands - all in preparation for my fun party i am throwing tonight for the premiere of THE BACHELORETTE!
then i made two pecan pies for #4 {boyfriend's cousin, he is isa (esa) IV} he just graduated from UofA (BOO! we are sun devil fans in this household {fork 'em!}) but nonetheless he graduated with 3 (THREE) degrees in 4 (FOUR) measely years!! WOW - can't believe it - most people can not do one degree in 4 years, let alone 3! (premed, physiology, and middle eastern studies) so when i congratulated him, he said: "does this mean i get a pecan pie?" and i replied: "no, it means 2!"
so saturday afternoon i slaved over the oven and made 2 YUMMY pecan pies.
saturday night boyfriend and i went to umo sam's house for #4s graduation party.
they got food catered from the persian room {completely fabulous food} and we all hung out and ate - then auntie mai started a dance party. quite hysterical, if you ask me. first she started out doing some arabic moves, then umo sam popped in an american mix cd and both were dancing - soon enough everyone was dancing and having a great time. boyfriend and i stayed til a little after midnight and then went home.
sunday morning i got to sleep in... however preeti let one of her children play with her phone so i was woken up WAY TOO EARLY IF YOU ASK ME
so here i was, laying in bed, not able to fall back asleep. so i got up and got dressed then headed down to eldorado park for a picnic - the picnic was put on by the palestinian children's relief fund {they sponsor children from the middle east to come to america and get medical treatment} boyfriend's dad is the president of the club so we joined him in a picnic on one hot day. carol and big isa (isa II) came, as well as boyfriend's sisters, grandparents and aunts & uncles. it was a great time, but hot as heck. i drank about 4 water bottles and still felt dehydrated. early evening we took off and went to my parent's house for justis' family birthday party. preeti put on an AMAZING party! she did elmo theme and it was awesome. she had a great spread with fun colors and awesome food.
the cake was to die for!
and it was funfetti!!! we were there late and then finally went home.
however, i was too excited for the party i am throwing tonight so i went ahead and made some potato salad and worked on some of my decorations.
FINALLY, about midnight thirty i fell into a slumber, however, i forgot to put my ear plugs in, so i was awoken about 5:20am by the
jollie green giant upstairs.
i swear by the way he walks {more like stomps} would make him out to be a 7'10" 450lb giant, but no, he is not, but he sure sounds like it at 5:20am when i am trying to sleep. so tonight i must remember to put those little suckers in my ears!
now here i am at work, zombieish trying to get through the day so i can get on to my party! i know once i am home, i will get a 2nd wind and be all excited and energized, but for now, let me go into my zone and cruise control my way to 4:00pm.
hopefully, i will soon be able to upload some photos from my weekend, until then...

have a great day :)

19 May 2011

a very merry

to me
to who?
to me
oh, you

a very merry unbirthday
to you
who, me?
yes you
oh, me

let's all congratulate us with another cup of tea
a very merry unbirthday to you

now statistics prove
prove that you've one birthday
imagine just one birthday every year
ah, but there are 364 unbirthdays
precisely why we're gathered here to cheer

a very merry unbirthday
to me?
to you
a very merry unbirthday
for me?
for you
now blow the candle out, my dear
and make your wish come true
a very merry unbirthday to you

twinkle, twinkle little bat how i wonder where you're at
up above the world you fly
like a tea-tree in the sky

a very merry unbirthday to me!
today is my half birthday!! woohooo....
{6 months left for you to figure out the perfect present for me. just kidding. no presents needed.}
my middle oldest brother and his wife came in town last night {from texas} with their 2 children, so the next week and a half will be spent playing with sophie and justis
and dinner dates with justin and preeti.
they are here just in time for the most amazing weather in AZ!
never have i ever seen such beautiful weather in may before in the desert of AZ.
it is a glamorous patch of weather, thank you mother nature.
also, i found a case of a ton of mixed CDs, i am currently listening to one labeled:
first cd made in college
- i must say, it is one great mix! oh to be 19 and in college again...

have a great thursday :)

18 May 2011

dancing queen

last night i had a girls night with mom and jacque {my lil sis}.
we went down to tempe, had dinner and watched a brilliant show
{mama mia!}
the entire night was so much fun.
first, we got down to the theater in plenty of time to get great parking, pick up our tickets from will call and head down to Mill Ave to find somewhere to eat.
unfortunately for me, i was wearing a new {relatively new, had worn them once for like 20 mins} pair of wedges. they are quite comfortable shoes, but not when you're practically running a marathon in them. we took a good 10 min walk from Gammage Theater to Mill to find somewhere to eat. we hadn't decided beforehand where to go, so we walked for a little before we came upon
mellow mushroom.

it is a pizza place, and let me tell you it was fabulous! we had a stuffed portobello mushroom for an appetizer and then a half caesar half hawaiian pizza pie. SCRUMDIDDLIUMCIOUS!
we had to rush real fast through dinner because we took too long to decide on where to eat and then it took a good 20-25 mins for our pizza to arrive, so we scarfed it fast.
right when our pizza arrived we ordered dessert to go and asked for the check... (dot. dot. dot.)
2 choc chip cookies
1 oatmeal raisin walnut cookie
and a brownie
the waitress was in shock! she said: "you're going to eat that all?" haha YUP!
us Temple girls sure know how to eat, especially anything to do with chocolate, sweets, dessert... (dot. dot. dot.)
we dashed out of the restaurant and back up Mill, we thought we would have a bike peddler take us, but he wanted $5 pp, uh NO THANKS! {we could get like 3 gallons of gas with that money} so we scurried our cute butts down the road, me in these wedges, while jacque and mom sprinted in their flats.
next time, NO HEELS FOR ME!
i now have small blisters on the balls of my feet and a cut {i don't know why or how} on my right big toe. we arrived just as the 5 minute chimes rang for the show to start. we sat in the balcony, row 1. mama mia! was absolutely fantastic!!! i absolutely LOVE ABBA, and the movie mama mia! (with meryl streep and amanda seyfriend). jacque had never seen the movie so she borrowed it from me the night before and watched it. she was hoping they'd do the ensemble in the wet suits and flippers, and boy did they! that part was HYSTERICAL!
mama mia! sure did deliver!
(and no, i do not keep doing a ! because i love mama mia! so much, it is part of the title,
although it does, FOR SURE, deserve the exclamation for how amazing it is!!!)

we ended up enjoying our 3 cookies and a brownie during the show and bopped along in our seats to the music. at the end of the show, instead of just taking their bows and going they ended up doing a small concert :) that was my favorite part. they sang some of the best songs of the show, including mama mia! and dancing queen.

i am sure the show is completely sold out, since our night was, it was opening night, but if you ever get the chance, i would DEFINITELY recommend seeing mama mia! at least once in your life.

us girls are hoping to do this again next month, and this time seeing Les Miserables, and making more time for us to enjoy dinner at mellow mushroom.

peace, love and ABBA!

17 May 2011


i just finished the editing process of Joanna's wedding present! (sshhh...)
i am so excited! however, now that waiting part.. {ugghhh} get it exported to idvd, create the menu page, blah, blah, blah and then burn it to a dvd.
need to make sure it works on a dvd player, etc, etc.

praise the Lord.

BUT i just want this to be in Joanna's hands RIGHT NOW!
for someone with great patience... i have no patience when it comes to surprises for people.
ask boyfriend, i really can not count how many times he has received a valentine's day, birthday, or christmas present days early... okay, maybe not christmas presents early... but any other holiday or day in which i give gifts... there is a HUGE chance he'll get the present early.
OR if i can't wait to give the gift, he will get a "random" present like 2 weeks before the day, and then i will get him another {probably smaller and not as cool} present for the actual day.

let's just say - i love to give people presents and do HUGE surprises...
HOWEVER - when i know someone is trying to surprise me i CAN NOT HANDLE IT! so don't even try, or do, just don't tell me you're trying!

anyways, YAY! present is almost on it's way to the new

Mr. & Mrs. Ziadeh!

Congratulations again! I love you.

16 May 2011

the end and the beginning.

all my spring shows are ending, however SUMMER shows are BEGINNING!
goodbye, survivor (YAY! boston rob finally won) - hello, BIG BROTHER
goodbye, vampire diaries and one tree hill and a sad farewell forever to Smallville {boyfriend sure did enjoy you the long run you had} - just goodbye, CW shows
goodbye, DWTS and American Idol - hello, SYTYCD

today marks one week until the season premiere of The Bachelorette!
i am an anything Bachelor/ette fiend.

it all started one winter break back in high school when they had a marathon on tv, and every night that break they had an episode of the bachelor. ever since i have been obsessed. i remember in high school talking with my girlfriends about the bachelor and how cute or not he was. picking out my favorites for the season and who i thought he should choose. i even got boyfriend to join in on the fun. {although he may adamantly deny this}

so now, here we are again, one week out and we are not that excited for who the bachelorette is...
last season, Brad's season, she was 3rd runner-up (that sounds terrible, like it's just a big game, it is their hearts people) Anyways, i remember the last time around on The Bachelorette we were none too excited for Ali (she was a runner-up in Jake's season) to be the bachelorette. BUT, low and behold, we fell madly in LOVE with her and that dreamy, dreamy Roberto, maybe because he REALLY, i mean REALLY reminds me of boyfriend. {he was my choice from day 1}
although we may have our reservations, you know where you can find us monday evenings. cuddly on the couch glued to the tv, yelling at Ashley {through the tv} for her bad decisons and cheering her on for all the great ones.
we will be sure to let you in on our favorite picks for the season.
goodbye, spring - HELLO SUMMER!

15 May 2011

i just need somebody to love

last night was date night!

First stop: Red Robin (YUUuuumM!)
for appetizers we had onion rings and mozzarella sticks.
i ate a delish bacon cheeseburger {swiss} with bottomless fries.
boyfriend had the grilled 'shroom burger with, of course, bottomless fries.
i swear that fry seasoning is the absolute BEST EVER!

Second stop: Target (tar-jaay)
we bought some miniature tootsie rolls for the movie and to satisfy my new OBSESSION boyfriend bought me Never Say Never {dvd/blu-ray/digital copy} + Justin Bieber Never Say Never - The Remixes CD !!! That definitely made my night.

lastly, we ended up at Ultra Star Movie Theater.
overall, the movie was okay. but seriously, dex and annie, come on - a bit repetitive.
HOWEVER ethan, oh ethan, how i loved him. he just added that special touch to the movie and in the end i wanted to marry him over dex or marcus.
{i do love me some John Krasinski}

14 May 2011


as much as i hate to admit it, i {jaime} have *Bieber Fever*
i never understood the phenomenon, until i had a redbox rental and an evening to myself.
i, loving music, thought why not? what do i have to lose? {besides 100 mins, i'd never get back}

apparently, EVERYTHING.

so there i was, standing in front of the redbox swiping my card and getting
Never Say Never.
i did not end up watching it that night, but i awoke to the apartment to myself and popped it in.
instantly i fell for this cute little boy and his story. his young, teen mother and his wonderful grandparents, who helped raise him. it turns out to be quite an inspiring story, not to mention i did enjoy his music. i had heard of him, of course, but never until today taken the time to listen to his music or learn anything about him.
so now, here i am, admitting that i have Bieber Fever.

* i ended up watching the movie twice in a row *

{i think i need to go buy this movie now and any of his cd's}

- eek, who have i become? haha :)

13 May 2011

Friday the 13th

Cue the music, dun. dun. dun. dunnnn..

* did you know the fear of the #13 is known as:

Everyone have a great weekend.

10 May 2011


For those who have not seen the MTV horrific show, Jersey Shore,
G.T.L. = gym - tan - laundry {at least i think}
I saw the train wreck of a show once, so don't quote me.
But now that summer has arrived i am more in the mood for G.T.L.

no more white pasty, vampiress for me... next to boyfriend, i am Casper.

i am so excited for the pool to finally be warm enough to swim in, and days hot enough to lay out in the sun and enjoy a good book. i always need to work on my laundry skills, i have tons of clothes so i am terrible with making them all clean until i have about 5 loads to do.
Lastly, gym. Last night boyfriend and i went to the gym and did some cardio, i believe it was the first time in 2011 i was at the gym and actually got a good work out in :)

G.T.L. love xoxo

09 May 2011

momma said:

"Keep your hands, and your feet, and your balls to yourself" - My sweet mother

Yesterday was Mother's Day,
Happy Momma's day to the best woman I know.

I spent the day with her, first at church, then at her home. I made her an excellent meal, which preparations started for on Saturday:

1st went grocery shopping
2nd boiled potatoes and eggs
3rd mixed up potato salad - refrigerate
4th mixed up pie fillings {apple and blueberry}
5th filled pies, put on top crust and baked
6th clean up the kitchen!

Sunday all that was left was to slow-cook the pork :) cooked in A&W Rootbeer - YUM! let cook on low for approx. 7 hours, put on hamburger buns and PERFECTO. Served with corn on the cob, salad, baked beans and potato salad. Let's just say everyone had one happy full belly.
Top it off with apple or blueberry pie {yes, I had a slice of both -a very small slice of each}

All in all, and excellent day :) Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's DAY!!

05 May 2011


after many, many hours today, i have finally finished my Portland trip video.
last october i had the privilege to head to Oregon with some girlfriends and take a driving tour of Oregon and Washington and see all the shooting locations for the movie, Twilight.
Here for your enjoyment, a video montage of the tour:
*edit* was supposed to be here, but for some reason blogspot won't upload it
here is a link to it on my facebook page:


Thank you to Jen, Marne, Heather, Tina, Amie {her daughter and friend} for such an amazing time! We need to do it again, but maybe this time in Vancouver, B.C. :) :)

04 May 2011


who doesn't love presents?
i am presently in the middle of making Joanna and Johnny's wedding present from moi.
{joanna loves anything French}
i am slaving away trying to make it perfect, although i know something will be imperfect - it will be
PERFECTLY IMPERFecT {or so i hope so} or should that be IMPERFECTLY PERFECT?
i promise later i will write all about the weekend and even show some pictures;
maybe if i get good enough at this i can post my video present to them on here.
tomorrow i get to work from home so hopefully i get to post all about

AND i am working on my video for my trip to portland last october :) :) i love imovie

02 May 2011


Got home from Detroit late last night. Boyfriend, Boyfriend's family and I all went to Detroit, MI last Thursday night {red eye} for a wedding. Joanna's wedding. I am still too tired to write much, but here is a sneak peak of the amazingly beautiful weekend and even more amazingly beautiful bride.

Boyfriend and I in the white stretch hummer limo on the way to the church