23 May 2011

the weekend.

oh what a weekend i had.
i need a weekend to rest from that weekend.
first, friday was justis' 2nd birthday {justis is my adorable indian nephew}
we ate at flo's- even his great grandma (little abbuh)
made it all the way from INDIA and joined in on the fun.
then we went back to grandma's house (my mom) for a yummy strawberry shortcake, cake from A.J.'s.
then boyfriend and the boys went to kevin's for james' bachelor party {aka playing the card game Magic}
i stayed at my mom's and watched THE ROOMMATE with jacque, preeti, mom & dad - although i am pretty sure mom & dad slept through it {but that is old news, when don't they sleep through a movie? just like my BIL clint} afterwards i went home and hung out with gannon {roomie/jen}
finally went to bed.
saturday i woke up and ran a ton of errands - all in preparation for my fun party i am throwing tonight for the premiere of THE BACHELORETTE!
then i made two pecan pies for #4 {boyfriend's cousin, he is isa (esa) IV} he just graduated from UofA (BOO! we are sun devil fans in this household {fork 'em!}) but nonetheless he graduated with 3 (THREE) degrees in 4 (FOUR) measely years!! WOW - can't believe it - most people can not do one degree in 4 years, let alone 3! (premed, physiology, and middle eastern studies) so when i congratulated him, he said: "does this mean i get a pecan pie?" and i replied: "no, it means 2!"
so saturday afternoon i slaved over the oven and made 2 YUMMY pecan pies.
saturday night boyfriend and i went to umo sam's house for #4s graduation party.
they got food catered from the persian room {completely fabulous food} and we all hung out and ate - then auntie mai started a dance party. quite hysterical, if you ask me. first she started out doing some arabic moves, then umo sam popped in an american mix cd and both were dancing - soon enough everyone was dancing and having a great time. boyfriend and i stayed til a little after midnight and then went home.
sunday morning i got to sleep in... however preeti let one of her children play with her phone so i was woken up WAY TOO EARLY IF YOU ASK ME
so here i was, laying in bed, not able to fall back asleep. so i got up and got dressed then headed down to eldorado park for a picnic - the picnic was put on by the palestinian children's relief fund {they sponsor children from the middle east to come to america and get medical treatment} boyfriend's dad is the president of the club so we joined him in a picnic on one hot day. carol and big isa (isa II) came, as well as boyfriend's sisters, grandparents and aunts & uncles. it was a great time, but hot as heck. i drank about 4 water bottles and still felt dehydrated. early evening we took off and went to my parent's house for justis' family birthday party. preeti put on an AMAZING party! she did elmo theme and it was awesome. she had a great spread with fun colors and awesome food.
the cake was to die for!
and it was funfetti!!! we were there late and then finally went home.
however, i was too excited for the party i am throwing tonight so i went ahead and made some potato salad and worked on some of my decorations.
FINALLY, about midnight thirty i fell into a slumber, however, i forgot to put my ear plugs in, so i was awoken about 5:20am by the
jollie green giant upstairs.
i swear by the way he walks {more like stomps} would make him out to be a 7'10" 450lb giant, but no, he is not, but he sure sounds like it at 5:20am when i am trying to sleep. so tonight i must remember to put those little suckers in my ears!
now here i am at work, zombieish trying to get through the day so i can get on to my party! i know once i am home, i will get a 2nd wind and be all excited and energized, but for now, let me go into my zone and cruise control my way to 4:00pm.
hopefully, i will soon be able to upload some photos from my weekend, until then...

have a great day :)

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