11 June 2012

torrey pines

this weekend i went to san diego, more precisely, del mar with dad, mom, & lil sis.
dad had a work conference, so in actuality, it was a girls weekend.
we ended up finding a new stretch of beach TORREY PINES.
so beautiful, peaceful, defintiely a locals spot. not crowded like the beaches of mission or coronado island. we were extremely lucky with parking. every time we went to the beach we found a spot right on the roadside.  literally parked, hopped a curb and BAM, the beach, the ocean.
i am beyond obsessed with the beach these days. i keep coming up with ways to go to the beach.
two weeks ago it was memorial day in san D with boyfriend's family.
this weekend it was torrey pines with mom & lil sis.
i've already planned to go visit khara in 3 weeks in OC after going to chicago with my person.
first weekend of july it's me, the open road, the beach & some khara time.
i can not wait!
a week later i will head to san jose for fit expo and 2 weeks after fit expo is san fransisco with all the girls :) :) to say i am excited is an understatement.

this will be one great summer!!

checked in at the doubletree :) :)

torrey pines friday - windy, but amazing

saturday shopping at carlsbad outlets - label, meant to be <3

mom, me, lil sis playing on the beach

love the water! first one in :)

jacque decided to join me

stopped at the san diego temple sunday

finished the trip off right with tartufo gelato from cafe zucchero & many other treats

lsat stop on the way out of san diego, in-n-out, a CA road trip must!


#fffbikinifit challenges while i was on vacation:
 challenges #5 #6 #7

friday: plank it out, planking on the beach just outside THE BEACH HOUSE RESTAURANT
where i ate the BEST salmon ever! 

saturday: choosing a pineapple

eating a pineapple: pineapple keeps belly bloat down

sunday: show me your SPF
i carry travel size with me everywhere!
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07 June 2012

this weekend & #fffbikinifit challenge 4 day 4

this weekend i am headed to san diego!
can you say BEACH!?
i was just there a mere 2 weeks ago, but so excited to go back.
today's #fffbikinifit challenge was:
 find the perfect ruffle bikini
this is mine & oh do i wish i had it for this weekend:

i may not be able to update my blog with #fffbikinifit while in san diego, but will do once i get home sunday night or monday :) :) :) but follow me on twitter and i will do the challenges each day @crackerjackgirl

05 June 2012

doo wop shop & #fffbikinifit

here to bring a smile to your face

what was your favorite segment?

thanks to my person for showing me this video and bringing a smile to my face today :)


the next 31 days i am doing the @fabfitfun #fffbikinifit challenge
seeing as i just recently did a body rejuvenation for work,
why not keep it up and do the #fffbikinifit challenge & be bikini ready for the 4th of july.
every day i have to tweet in pictures, here's day 1 & day 2:

day 1 challenge 1: run in the sun
unfortunately in AZ it is WAY too hot to run outside, but i still got my cardio in!

day 2 challenge 2: picture of reusable water bottle
this is my resusable cup i use at work every day, not exactly a water bottle but i reuse it day in and day out

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01 June 2012

memorial day weekend

welcome to CALIFORNIA!

mission beach

cafe zucchero

san diego!



outside Sammi's Pizzeria.. what's with the creepy lady looking at us?

boyfriend <3