02 February 2015

If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Read my son's mind...
Remember that Nickelodeon show, Rugrats?  The babies could talk and walk and have full on conversations and adventures and then one episode it's from the parents perspective and the Rugrats are all goo goo ga ga, bla la, mah nah... Making absolutely no sense at all....  now, that I have a rugrat of my own I constantly wonder what goes on in that brain of his.  Max LOVES going under his high chair and under the bar stools and just sits there playing and talking for long periods of time.  Climbs in and out, over and up, stands up, talks to the seat, sits down, giggles.  It is adorable.  But what is he thinking, saying.   He'll crawl to our glass doors and peer outside, talking to the birds and bugs, watching the leaves rustle in the wind.  He is very content to talk and sing to his high chair, playing with the buckle, scooting the chair around the kitchen.                        [Stay small and innocent little love.] 
 I am currently planning his first birthday party, I have already shed thousands of tears over this momentous occasion.  Why do kids have to grow up?  t-minus 10 days until I have a one year old, a ONE year old!  If you need me, I will be hiding in my house, blubbering my eyes out, savoring the last few days of my sons first year of life.  

26 January 2015

I know. It's been forever.... 

I have a son, and he shares. Just this week he started taking food and offering it to me. Can he be any cuter?

Jan 3, he started to clap. And he loves it. Anytime anyone says yay, he claps. He also gets petrified during football games when Mr. yells at the tv. So we've had to turn that into cheering and clapping. Teaching him the classic touchdown arms up as well. 

Max is so close to walking. If he wanted to he already would be. He runs around the house "using" his walker. He can get down off the couch all by himself. He's mastered the staircase and loves music.
Enough with the bragging, I mean update...

He turns one, NEXT MONTH! Let me go cry...

16 October 2014

Teeth crawler

This little boy of ours has teeth and is crawling! Time is flying so fast I almost forgot to post his 8 month photos on Sunday. I had no idea it was already the 12th again! I really should start posting his photos here and not just on Instagram. (jaimerayyan)

We're currently in the process of talking Mr. into getting grass for our backyard and trying to decide on our Halloween costumes. I think I've finally figured out our costumes and am going to attempt to sew Max's! Fingers crossed I can remember all the sewing tricks, I did make my senior prom dress, thanks mom for teaching me!
And the grass... I think we've convinced Mr. we need grass, however the timeline of when is still up for debate.  I believe we need to do it now so we can enjoy it this fall and even more so this spring! Max will be running around before we know it and we'll definitely need the extra outdoor space so he can run all his crazy energy out. Plus, almost time to play catch with dad in the backyard! 
Today we escaped to the train park with some friends and we absolutely enjoyed laying on our blanket in the grass. Definitely did not help Mr.'s want for me to "maybe, hopefully" forget about grass for now. Don't think that'll happen ;) 
Hope you're enjoying the nice weather as much as we are! 

24 September 2014

Peeking through

You may not see it, but I feel it. This right here is the mug of a boy with a tooth that is breaking through. 7 months and 12 days old and here it comes. Where'd my baby go? He is a big boy now! Mr is so ready to feed him steak... Little does he know, it'll be a few years. Max needs his 2 year molars before a nice juicy steak can be had. 

23 September 2014

Sleepy boy.


I still can't believe he is all mine. . I was chosen to be this sweet boys mom. Heavenly Father entrusted me with this sweet being. I'm obsessed with him and beyond grateful that I was chosen to be his mom.  His personality is really starting to show, and since the beginning I've said I think he will be funny, and boy is he.  I want to savor every single moment and I could stare at him sleeping all day long.  I have always wanted to be a mom and it has been everything I ever imagined and more. There is nothing else in the world I would rather do than take care of my son, my family & our house.  Mr. is incredible for affording me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom.  
Max is starting to crawl, for real. He's army crawling and keeps popping up on his knees. He'll be really cruising in no time. He's also babbling away like crazy. He is a talker! "Mamammaaaaa".  Still no teeth, but we're getting there. I'm in no hurry for those suckers to pop out, gummy bites hurt enough while nursing. 
Jacque & Beau are in town! Tonight is date night and most of my siblings and their spouses and my parents are all going to eat at The Melting Pot, then go to glowe putt for glow in the dark mini golf! We have so much fun planned for this week. Sunday, everyone got together to welcome Jacque & Beau with a steak dinner. Last night,we did homemade pizzas and watched the bears game.  Tonight is date night, no kids allowed! Max is staying with his taita & cieto (Mr.s parents). The rest of the week we have plans to build tepees for the kids, eat waffles from the waffluv truck, hit up top golf, watch some more football games, ikea, have a game night and tons more. 
We love having Jacque & Beau here, I think they should move here! We got Jennelle and Clint here, now it's time to work and Jacque & Beau.