02 December 2013

big things are happening

It's been over 5 months since I posted anything.
Life is going fast, almost too fast.
But that's okay, because big things are happening.
The biggest, being my belly. 

The last time I posted, I knew we were pregnant.  We found out on father's day.  We couldn't believe it... We always knew we wanted to start a family right away, and apparently that was in our plans.  A honeymoon baby of all things. Isa and I decided to keep it a secret for awhile.  It was really fun to have that secret for over a month, we almost caved numerous times, but we wanted to see the doctor first and then we finally told our families in July.  Everyone was so ecstatic, such a surreal moment. 
And now, here we are months later, the holidays in full force and baby boy Rayyan due at the end of February.  Life could not be more insane and perfect at the same time.