26 August 2011


i am such a slacker!
i haven't posted in almost a month... work has been busy,
life has been busy
i've been traveling A LOT. {not complaining about that one}

i've already been to los angeles and boston this month, i am headed to san fransisco on monday night so let's just say i'm a traveling gypsy ;)
okay, i'm not actually, but it's fun to say it.

hopefully soon i can fill you in on my travels, but for now i need to work  
{yes, i have a real job}
and work on travel arrangements plus packing for my upcoming trips!

san fransisco
los angeles
las vegas
los angeles
las vegas
los angeles

these are the trips i have planned or am considering in the next 10 weeks :) :) :)
i think maybe i should just have a residence in los angeles and las vegas - 
i seem to be there enough.

01 August 2011

devil, dirt devil & lil sis' bday!

this past weekend i was in a cleaning frenzy.
i house sat for pretty much all of july so i never really was at my apartment.
this being my first weekend home and gannon being gone, i decided to do a nice cleaning of the apartment.  the only thing is gannon and i have this really crappy old vacuum. (i know, i should invest in one) however my parents live just up the hill from us, so of course, why buy one when you can use an AMAZING one for free :)
therefore, i borrowed my parents vacuum,
and i told them that for my birthday, i wanted a vacuum  
{so domestic and old of me huh?}
my birthday is in 3 1/3 months, so i'll continue to borrow theirs for now :)
this morning, i get into work, sign in to check emails and this is what my dad has emailed me:

Will this one do????

Love ya,


You will NEV ER get this one, until the end.

watch the video in it's entirety, then you will understand my dad and his humor, and why i love him so much. 



this weekend was my lil' sister's 21st birthday!
friday, we did a double date to sapporo, boyfriend, steven {jacque's date} and myself had never been before and boy do we love that place now.  boyfriend and i definitely found a new favorite date night dinner spot.  and it is amazingly priced for the AMOUNT of food you get, and i mean you get
A LOT of food!
saturday, july 30th, is the actual day of birth.  i started out saturday with my cleaning frenzy and ended with it too.  however, in between the start and stop of cleaning all day, mom called me and asked if i would like to help her decorate jacque's room, which we did.
then jacque got home from lunch out with another date and we surprised her with her room decorated with 21 helium balloons, streamers, star confetti rope, and signs.  she LOVED it.
afterward mom, jacque and i went shopping.
i spent the remainder of my saturday at the gym then finishing my cleaning frenzy, followed up by dinner in bed and watching 
nick & vanessa's wedding special on TLC.
sunday started off with church in the a.m. {jacque gave a talk}
followed by hanging out at boyfriend's mainly with his sisters donna & megan.
then dinner and the bachelorette men tell all special at my parents.
this weekend sure was fun, but i am exhausted.  
glad to get a tuesday where i get to work from home tomorrow :) :) :)