22 September 2011


our vegas trip in reverse order

my beautiful pearl (boyfriend chose an awesome oyster!)

showing off the pearl

the white one is what is normally found. mine is the blue-silver one
they're normally 4-5mm mine is 8mm :) :) we are lucky!

doing the pearl ceremony for good luck

smoochin' in a phone booth at the mirage.

GO BEARS - watching the bears game sunday morning at legasse
stadium at the palazzo.

ALL my food :) chicken caesar salad, funnel cake,
plus milkshake & chocolate chip cookies.

at pho eating vietnamese food. julie and rita (aka kevin)

waiting for jabbawockeez to start.

seeing jabbawockeez at monte carlo

peace. me & jules (boyfriends new nickname for julie)

boyfriends breakfast at serendipity
- the hangover omelette -

bigger than your head pancakes at serendipity
(yes, that's really the name of the dish)

frozen hot chocolate at serendipity
FINALLY! i've been wanting to try forever!
musashi grill - our cook nick. he was hilarious!!!! 

16 September 2011


err i mean ABDUCTION
{those abs, yum, haha}

*swoon, drool*

isa's words as i picked up carol for our girl date:
"don't fantasize too much"
boyfriend's words as i was driving to the theatre:
"don't drool too much"
the isa's think alike :) so do the isa's girls {carol & myself}

i won tickets for the VIP Premiere and boy, did we get hooked up!
we walked in checked-in at the table, and saw the LONG line to get in...
however, we were each given a "swag" bag, got our picture taken 
and were sent into the theatre, to get AMAZING seats, 
all right in front of the line, while they all watched us.
PRETTY SWEET, we sure felt like VIP.

this is what i won x2 :)

starting at 6:00pm they did a live stream of the red carpet, which was awesome to watch on the HUGE movie screen. they asked the cast questions and the cast also gave shouts out to the 20 theatres around the country doing the sneak peek VIP premiere.  :) :)

carol and i thoroughly enjoyed the movie. smiling and yes, drooling over the beautiful man that is 
taylor lautner.

*disclaimer* there are some cheezy lines, and one funny nose incident, but i don't wanna spoil it, so i'll just give it my stamp of apporval :)

14 September 2011

i won

tickets to:

this is where i will be tomorrow night:
 watching the live streaming of the red carpet, followed by 
a sneak peek of the movie at AMC arrowhead towne center :) :) :)

13 September 2011

Remembering 9/11


beautiful song off of Beyonce's latest album 4.
"i was here"

i had woken up early for school and was getting ready.  every morning i'd turn on my radio and listen to music while getting dressed for school.  i remember hearing the news over the radio, and being in awe and shock.  my friend chase and his mom picked me up that morning for carpool, and i remember hopping in their van and telling them the news. 
 it was all such a crazy surreal day.  my history teacher that year was a new yorker.  {he had the accent and all.}  walking into his classroom that day was emotional and raw.  he was sitting on his desk, staring at the tv.  he had many friends and family back home in new york.  no one could believe it, it seemed like a hazy dream, nightmare. 
in all the classes that day and the rest of the week class was focused on the tv and writing in journals and papers about how we were feeling and just letting it all out.  
the world stopped turning for awhile.