20 December 2011

{seven} J's

tonight the 7 J's will be together again for the first time in a 
long, long time.
to say i am excited is an understatement!

'tis the season :)
fa la la la laaa la la la laaa


spouses (christen, preeti, & dalila),
 oh and all the little ones too :)

lil' jason
+1 due in july 

boyfriend will be there and mom & dad too! we will be celebrating ashley & sophie's birthdays!
clint, you will be missed but we'll see you for the new year!

last family photo taken, only missing baby char-char!

16 December 2011


i am in dire need of christmas present ideas for:
S.I.L. christen & S.I.L. dalila

any and all ideas are welcomed!!!

oh and nephew presents! got those nieces covered ;)

07 December 2011


this post is dedicated to the week i spent with my person.
it was her first time experiencing the temple family traditions of thanksgiving.
and boy was she satisfied.
we ate til our buttons popped, err pants expanded {i was wearing stretchy pants}
i was terrible about taking photos to document the weekend but here are the ones we did get :) :)
50 states game

happy thanksgiving from lloyd christmas jr {dumb & dumber}

someone is due in july! no, not me. but the identity will be revealed in due time :)
UPDATE: jennelle is due in july and is having a baby girl! one more for the girls!
girls rule boys drool! this will bring us to 4 nieces and 7 nephews. girls are catching up!!!

o christmas tree {my parents beautiful tree we decorated saturday after thanksgiving}

homemade poutine {a canadian delight}

 we had too much fun and too much food!
we ate:
heidi's deli
{got take out} flos 1329482348130 times
auntie mai & umo sam's for thanksgiving dinner #1
my parents for thanksgiving dinner #2
nordstroms cafe
leftover turkey noodle soup {a la julie's recipe}
homemade poutine {cheese curds can be bought at sprouts!}
cracker barrel
studio movie grill

i may be forgetting some, but we sure did enjoy food.
we even baked some pies! 2 pecan and 3 blueberry. YUM!
we wanted to watch holiday movies, but there's not really any thanksgiving movies
so instead we decided to watch every thanksgiving episode of FRIENDS.
and that is where we came up with the idea for the 50 states game.
on thanksgiving they play it to see who can name the most states in 6 minutes.
so we all tried and it was so hilariously funny.  first roomie, julie & i played
then we broke out the game at my parents and had my sis-in-law brother and boyfriend play.
it will seriously mess with your mind. no joke. TRY IT!
we were all crowded around the table playing and dad kept trying to talk to us but no one would respond
we all just kept our heads down like, yeah, uh huh...
THURSDAY EVENING was my first experience ever for REAL black friday shopping.
we were not planning on going, however we were leaving my parents around 10:00pm and julie says, well the stores will be opening now, wanna shop?
i think she was joking but i said sure so we went on over to target, which was still closed so we drove by best buy just to look at the line... that was one RIDICULOUS line and ended up at wal mart.
they had great deals on dvds. so we chose a few and then ran into auntie julie, jessy, $4 and kevin {boyfriend's aunt and cousins} so we hung out with them and helped them get their big ticket items... which are to be unnamed until after christmas, since some are for prying eyes... ;)
the rest of the weekend was a blast.  we went shopping with jessy ate and made tons more food. saw a movie for boyfriend's birthday.

too bad julie lives so far away!! :( :( however we did just find out that spirit air flys cheap into mesa now so her and i will be together plenty more and more frequently!! :) :) :)

30 November 2011

my childhood

 being born in the 80s raised in the 90s and live as an adult in the 00s 
i can say life has been great.  
my childhood was filled with spandex and matching outfits to my best friends  
{jessica & ashley, we thought we were triplets}
staying out til the street lights came on.  
and TGIF was not just about being thankful it was friday, it was a whole friday evening tv show schedule.
while on facebook today i came across a link which sums up a lot of my childhood:

10 Things 90s Kids Will Have To Explain To Their Children

1. Topanga was at some point in human history considered not only a legitimate first name for a human being, but the kind of name that would inspire in malleable teenage boys a life-long infatuation. Topanga, in our day, was leading lady name-material. Topanga (pronounced Tah-payne-ga, for those who will have only ever seen in it written down) is the name of the quintessential girl-next-door who will live, along with Feeney, in our hearts forever.
2. At some point, we carried around little plastic eggs with tiny screens on them — in these screens lived our hearts, our pets, our raison d’etre, our very own Tamagotchi. We loved them, we listened to their tiny electronic screams of malnourishment, and we occasionally forgot to pick up their poop for long enough that they died a tortured, poop-filled death. They were perhaps our first foray into the life-consuming world of electronics and self-absorption, later to be fully manifested by Facebook.
3. The black Power Ranger was black and the yellow Power Ranger was Asian because…we were so completely ahead of our time and beyond the capacity to even think in terms of something as inconsequential as race that… uh… I don’t know. Casting directors were racist in the nineties.
4. Long before he was spending his days foisting his mediocre children on us, Will Smith was actually the perfect human specimen. He also undoubtedly holds some world record for saving the world the most times while simultaneously delivering flawless catchphrases and giving cool guy nods to the camera. The Men In Black rap song, at the time, was created and received by the public without the slightest trace of irony. Really. He was that good. {we all wanted those sunglasses at burger king a la wild wild west}
5. In some inevitable shift of the time-space continuum in which James Cameron continues to rob humanity of all that is good and sacred in this world, Fern Gully will be known as that movie that ripped off Avatar. It will be up to us to crusade for what is right. It is up to us to explain that Fern Gully was not only a predecessor to Avatar, but far better, in that it contained both Tim Curry as a singing pile of molasses and Robin Williams rapping about animal testing in the pharmaceutical industry. (As a side note, if you have not recently listened to the full lyrics of the “Batty Rap,” I recommend you do, as they are horrifying.)
6. A neighborhood boy who completely disregards your family and puts a ladder directly under the teenage girl’s window to climb up at his discretion is not only acceptable, it’s charming. It’s the kind of stuff that would make said family take the ladder boy under their wing and into their heart. The nineties were a simpler time, one where we didn’t have to worry about things like breaking and entering. Clarissa today would have steel bars on the inside of her window and her father would continually remind her that the next-door boy with his ladder and his touchy hands have no place in his household. {might i add dawson's creek}
7. Though on the surface, they are the exact same thing in every conceivable way, whether you liked The Backstreet Boys or N*SYNC said more about your character than all of the terrible macaroni art you could ever make for your child psychologist. Essentially, liking *NSYNC meant you liked Justin Timberlake, as he was clearly the Seabiscuit in that race from the get-go. You even liked him with his terrible, icy-blond mini-fro. Liking the Backstreet Boys gave you a bit more of a cultured palate, as there was no clear Diana in those Supremes. Nick was kind of the wholesome, if northern-Florida-redneck safe choice (save for his humiliating younger brother, Aaron). Brian was the shy, sensitive type. AJ was the hottt, dangerous meth addict. Kevin Richardson was mute with sexy, sculpted facial hair. No one liked Howie. Choosing between the two groups was like choosing between two beloved children, but once that line was crossed–there was no going back. {or devon sawa vs JTT}
8. “I wanna really really really wanna zig a zig ahh,” has a meaning, and all true nineties kids know it, but we must never share it. Like the Illuminati, it must remain between us, the keyholders. With great power comes great responsibility.
9.un-bedazzled. It is the knowledge that your eraser cap, and that of your granddaughter’s, and her granddaughter’s after her, will not be some boring little nub–it will be a diamond covered with butterflies in a rainbow of colors. It is the dream of a better tomorrow.
10. Incredibly depressing women in Indiana covered in cats and glass figurines they buy at The Hallmark Store used to troll the web 1.0 to invest thousands of dollars in tiny stuffed animals filled with plastic beans. That happened. Beanie Babies were not just significant, they were the first example most of us had of envy, greed, and wrath. If someone messed up that little heart-shaped Ty tag, so help you God, that was the end of whatever contact you had with that monster of a human being. That tag-less Beanie Baby was now trash, and you had to deal with the consequence. It was at that moment, that de-valued Beanie Baby moment, that most of us accepted the truth… we’ll never have nice things.

28 November 2011


to one incredible man! 
my best friend!!!

thank you for allowing me to share 9 birthdays with you!
{having 11 since i met you, as 14 year old dorks in PE} 
also, thank you for catching up in years, i love being 25 together. 
that whole 9 days of being a cougar was just too much for me! 



25 November 2011

black friday.

i hope you get everything on your list.
also, sorry if i knock you down in all the hustle & bustle.
stay out of my way & i will stay out of yours. haha :)

all i have to say is: GOOD LUCK.

24 November 2011

turkey day

may this day bring you & your family happiness, love & full bellies.

i am thankful for:
my family
my faith
my person
all my friends
my health & my families' health
beethoven, elvis & daisy
all my very many blessings from my Father in Heaven.

what are you thankful for? 


23 November 2011

birthday weekend continued

boyfriend & i put a $50 limit on birthday presents this year.
he got me exactly what i wanted! a new pair of vans.
my old pair are way worn and torn and i have been wanting the checkered pair for awhile.

perfect gift

i also got a bunch of flowers for my birthday & i LOVE flowers

from boyfriend, roomie, jessy, & megan


boyfriend came over early and took me to the good egg for breakfast.
normally we don't go out sundays but he had to work all day on my actual birthday and really wanted to take me out for a nice breakfast.  it was so YUMMY.
cinnamon french toast, eggs, bacon & potatoes :)
afterwards we went to isa & carol's to watch the bears game, and THEY WON.
that is 5 in a row now :)

for dinner we went to my parents where they had a birthday celebration for me.
we ate spaghetti carbonara and christen made a wonderful twilight birthday cake for me!

it's so weird actually being 25! i mean, i've been telling people i'm 25 for a few months now, but to actually be 25 WOW. it is kind of exciting, and now i feel like a true adult.
i know 25 will be my best year yet! 

22 November 2011

birthday weekend


i was exhausted from getting barely any sleep.
luckily, had a half day at work and was able to take a nap.
that night boyfriend and i got chipotle for dinner {we had a coupon from the twilight souvenir bag, FREE FOOD}
and we watched our first holiday movie of the season:

one of my absolute favorite scenes: christmas morning


my actual birthday.
subyn, andre & the girls took me to MOVIE STUDIO GRILL for lunch and a movie:
happy feet two.
afterwards i took the girls to run some errands with me and they bought me a present.

silly faces with the girls {sophia, sarah & selah}

that night boyfriend and i went to ajo als for dinner and cosmic bowling!
megan, donna, carol, isa, jessy, roomie, & my baby bro all came bowling.
first game i bowled triple figures!!!

i bowled two XX in the last frame :)

boyfriend bowled a turkey!! three XXX


20 November 2011


the number of theses in Martin Luther's 95 Theses.
95 poems by E.E. Cummings.
interstate 95, a freeway that runs from florida to maine.
95, the car number used on lightening mcqueen in cars {because toy story was released in '95}

ninety-five, the number of months i have been with boyfriend.
the best 7 years and 11 months of my life.

i love you.

19 November 2011


in 3 hours and 5 minutes i will officially be 25.
{born at 20:20 on 11/19/1986}
i can now rent a car.
i say, major cause for celebration.


18 November 2011


november has been flying by!
i have been terrible about posting anything.  
november has been kind to me.
the first weekend of november i went to LOS ANGELES.
found an awesome pizza parlor.
finally tried millions of milkshakes {mmm... s'mores shake}
and once again met, worked with and talked to


but then again... NBD.

let's play i spy...
director of Breaking Dawn BILL CONDON
Jacob, HOT {108 degree temp that is}, TAYLOR LAUTNER
Edward, himself, ROBERT PATTINSON
Bella, in the flesh, KRISTEN STEWART
ME, stage manager of Breaking Dawn Convention
and none other than DEAN, Rob's Bodyguard
the next weekend was boyfriend's baby sisters 18th birthday. 
us girls went out to SAPPORO for dinner 
then OASIS for dancing and some of the girls enjoyed hookah.

carol - tina - jessy - BDAY girl MEGAN - me
donna {not pictured, taking photo :)}

did not miss up the opportunity to re-watch all the TWILIGHT movies on the big screen.
starting at 11:30am hopped in line at harkins scottsdale 101.

seated approx. 3:00pm
NEW MOON 6:30pm
ECLIPSE 9:00pm
BREAKING DAWN pt 1 12:01am

i feel terrible, because roomie got sick and went home during BREAKING DAWN :( :( :(
don't worry we will go see it AGAIN and AGAIN.
SHOCKER: i did not cry, but many did.

TODAY i am sitting at my work desk, eyes drooping and so glad to have a half day today.
by noon, i hope to leave work, pick up lunch get in a nap.
tonight IDK my plans, something with boyfriend as IT IS the beginning of my birthday weekend.
a quarter of a century old.
let's see what this weekend and this year of 25 brings. :) :) :)

02 November 2011

taylor swift


and i found a new AMAZING band:

bored on drive & eating dinner: Wendys

the drive and beautiful sunset

my new favorite: NEEDTOBREATHE

being silly waiting for T-swift!

grand entrance, there she is!

back to december
awesome picture!

speak now: reminded me of the girls in the beginning of my best friend's wedding

haunted: incredible! acrobats doing tricks hanging from bell

cool tree on the other side of the arena :) :) :) close to us

she's too cute

the finale: LOVE STORY in a floating balcony over the audience.
was 2 feet away from my head :) :)

drive home. so happy. perfect night.

31 October 2011

the end of october.

today is the last day of october, and what better way to end the month of ghosts and goblins than with Halloween and a scary movie.  i even had 3 trick or treaters! woohoo :)

get ready for november! the month of my birthday, boyfriends birthday and the start of the year end holidays.  
it is by far my most favorite time of the year.
i think my first holiday movie i want to watch is:

good bye october, hello! november.

28 October 2011

advice my patients give me.

i work in a clinic with patients normally 55+ years old.  
it's not uncommon for my patients to give me sage advice on just about everything.
here are just a few items they've mentioned {more to come inevitably}:

do not get old.

babies all turn into teenagers and they all hate you. no your child will not be different.

when you're married you will fall in and out of like with your spouse, but never out of love. 

your mission in life is to help your spouse become the person God wants them to be.

26 October 2011

such a sap.

i realized growing up i have a crying spell.  i cry for the dumbest reasons.
when i'm happy i'll cry. when i'm sad i'll cry. when i'm mad i'll cry.
i'm sure by now you get the picture.
today i was blog surfing and came across a post about this ladies daily adventure when she posted a youtube video about the show mobbed. and for this mobbing a man proposed to his girlfriend through song and dance and also married her about 5 minutes later with all of America watching, and about 13945342323 people singing and dancing right there in person.
 this video lead to more youtube videos of wedding proposals and more tissues.
happy, sad, happy, sad.
cue the tissues.
this is my favorite one.

and this is tied for favorite, although may be my most favorite.
  i love small, intimate, simple.

17 October 2011

jack and jill.

this weekend was FULL of halloween fun.
friday night i went to AZ SCREAM PARK with:
Isa, Carol, Missy, Dani, Nikki and Esa.
{boyfriend had guys night}

it was seriously awesome.  the last time i went to the scream park was when i was a freshman in college and i was let down big time.  it was so lame, so i was kind of eh, about going.  but boy, did the scream park pull through this year.  i mean seriously, so awesome, and a lot of the creepers seemed to be out for me.  az scream park is 4 haunted houses at one location and one price.  there was the castle of darkness, goldminers revenge, horror high, and a 3-D fear factory {with clowns}.  first we went to the castle of darkness, where one of the creepers trapped me up against a wall with hands on either side of me, later in that house there was a bed in which some weird thing sprung out of the bed which made nikki completely freak out and dive on the ground.  then, we proceeded onto goldminers revenge, where first thing in i put my hand on the railing of the first bridge and get a splinter [said splinter, is still in my hand] then farther in the house there were chainsaws, in which dani tripped and fell on the ground scraping her left hip bone pretty good.  a total of 3 {THREE} chainsaws in that house, pretty gnarly.  afterwards, we went to first aid to get dani a band aid and creepy man-alice in wonderland helped her out.  the third house we went to was horror high.  upon entering, they tell us this is a touch house, in which most haunted house goers know the creepy men, women, things are not allowed to touch you, however in this house they had us "sign away our lives" so that the creepers at horror high could in fact touch us.  which they did.  missy got a good comb through of the hair by a dead school girl and a good blowing of the whistle right in her ear.  the ghosts and zombies proceeded to touch us and creep us out.  when we got to the "cafeteria" the butcher {cleaver in head} began to squeeze bloody meat on me, {actually nasty sponge with water, nonetheless NASTY}.  That house ended and we finished the night off at the 3-D fear factory.  Here, we saw creepy clowns [i HATE clowns, IT anyone?] someone called out my name, therefore, as we went through the house the clowns and creepers said my name out loud too.  at the end of this house was a chainsaw man, everyone escaped except myself and dani, whom we were holding onto each other for dear life.  he told me to let go and proceeded to put the chainsaw between danielle and myself, therefore, leaving me trapped in the fear factory by myself.  {everyone at this point is outside wondering where i am...}  the chainsaw man asks if i'm scared, i nod yes.... he thinks it's hysterical to run the chainsaw in front of my feet and down the wall next to me... finally i scream really loud and run out of the house, all-the-while chainsaw man is following chasing me.  i meet up with the group and we're laughing and walking away from the fear factory when the next group of victims come running out of the house, chainsaw man chasing them, we're watching the hilarity ensue when the chainsaw man eats it, and i mean eats it hard, comepltely tripped up, down in the dirt.  WE BUST UP LAUGHING! end of friday night scare fest.


saturday evening.
boyfriend and i almost had a date night and went to see real steel.
instead, somehow i got him to go out to some more haunted houses!
we went with carol, isa, missy, and jessy. 
missy found this place called jack and jill's haunted hill online.
we went, and it was AWESOME.

isa and boyfriend were both extremely skeptical when we showed up to the jack and jill address over off of 14th street and cave creek road.  it was literally a hill in between houses on a street with no street lamps and a sign made out of cardboard.  boys being very dubious, almost didn't even get out of the car.  however, the girls all wanted to check it out so we agreed to at least walk up the hill and see what it was about.  we jump out of the car and find this young boy just staring at us.  isa asks him how he is, and the boy replies, "good".  he was in dirty clothes, no shoes, we were expecting his head to start spinning around and spewing vomit, yep he was that creepy.  we went up the hill and saw how extremely spectacular it was and decided to go through "the mine".  first thing, we walk in and watch a video about the disappearance of jack and jill, then proceed through the mine.  not to give anything away, but it was brilliant.  i would definitely recommend it.  therefore, that experience got us hyped up to do more.... we drove on to bell and 114th ave to be scared at chambers of fear.  love, love, loved! chambers of fear.  it had all the great scary movie villains, freddy, michael meyers.  it was superb.  missy hates the ring girl, and when the ring girl showed up she ran backwards, straight into boyfriends nose.  boyfriend's eyes welled up and missy got a splitting headache.  funny, but sad.  at the end there was a chainsaw man, err bunny, creepy easter bunny chainsaw chasing us through a parking lot.

the weekend ended brilliantly with victory over the vikings.

12 October 2011

i need a hero.

last thursday i took mom to a pre-screening of Footloose {2.0}
it was an awesome remake which both mom and i loved.
there was one thing in particular that really stuck with me from the movie:
this song....

I need a hero sung by Ella Mae Bowen.

the lyrics are beautiful, her voice is incredible, and it really fit with the movie and the gentleman that is 
Ren McCormack {played by uber-cutie kenny Wormald}.
a real and true moral gentleman who is "larger than life".
dedicated to my hero, found my good guy: boyfriend. {love you booboo}

11 October 2011

tis the season for...


everything and anything pumpkin.
maybe because i was born in the month of november, so close to thanksgiving,
is the reason for my need and want and love of pumpkin.
pumpkin pie.
pumpkin bread.
pumpkin muffins.

AND, it is now time for the ginger molasses cookies at paradise bakery.
YUM. nothing like putting you in the mood for the holiday season like
a ginger molasses cookie
some pumpkin bread.

therefore, i am going to make something pumpkin today. any ideas?
i am thinking muffins... 
and will probably try an "easy peasy" recipe my childhood friend kelley blogged about.

get the recipe HERE

also, i need to decide how to carve my pumpkins for this halloween :)

oh and like my new fall layout? :) :)

10 October 2011


although it is monday, you can still smile.

come on and do the ugly dance!

05 October 2011


robsten = robert pattinson + kristen stewart.

text from boyfriend: 
[Kristen Stewart admitted to be dating Robert.]

1. apparently boyfriend and Robert are on first name only basis
2. this is one of the many reasons i love boyfriend. 
indulging in my silly obsession with Twilight
and caring enough to text me the latest gossip.


22 September 2011


our vegas trip in reverse order

my beautiful pearl (boyfriend chose an awesome oyster!)

showing off the pearl

the white one is what is normally found. mine is the blue-silver one
they're normally 4-5mm mine is 8mm :) :) we are lucky!

doing the pearl ceremony for good luck

smoochin' in a phone booth at the mirage.

GO BEARS - watching the bears game sunday morning at legasse
stadium at the palazzo.

ALL my food :) chicken caesar salad, funnel cake,
plus milkshake & chocolate chip cookies.

at pho eating vietnamese food. julie and rita (aka kevin)

waiting for jabbawockeez to start.

seeing jabbawockeez at monte carlo

peace. me & jules (boyfriends new nickname for julie)

boyfriends breakfast at serendipity
- the hangover omelette -

bigger than your head pancakes at serendipity
(yes, that's really the name of the dish)

frozen hot chocolate at serendipity
FINALLY! i've been wanting to try forever!
musashi grill - our cook nick. he was hilarious!!!!