11 October 2011

tis the season for...


everything and anything pumpkin.
maybe because i was born in the month of november, so close to thanksgiving,
is the reason for my need and want and love of pumpkin.
pumpkin pie.
pumpkin bread.
pumpkin muffins.

AND, it is now time for the ginger molasses cookies at paradise bakery.
YUM. nothing like putting you in the mood for the holiday season like
a ginger molasses cookie
some pumpkin bread.

therefore, i am going to make something pumpkin today. any ideas?
i am thinking muffins... 
and will probably try an "easy peasy" recipe my childhood friend kelley blogged about.

get the recipe HERE

also, i need to decide how to carve my pumpkins for this halloween :)

oh and like my new fall layout? :) :)

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