02 December 2013

big things are happening

It's been over 5 months since I posted anything.
Life is going fast, almost too fast.
But that's okay, because big things are happening.
The biggest, being my belly. 

The last time I posted, I knew we were pregnant.  We found out on father's day.  We couldn't believe it... We always knew we wanted to start a family right away, and apparently that was in our plans.  A honeymoon baby of all things. Isa and I decided to keep it a secret for awhile.  It was really fun to have that secret for over a month, we almost caved numerous times, but we wanted to see the doctor first and then we finally told our families in July.  Everyone was so ecstatic, such a surreal moment. 
And now, here we are months later, the holidays in full force and baby boy Rayyan due at the end of February.  Life could not be more insane and perfect at the same time.  

26 June 2013

mr & mrs.

we did it! we're married!
and life still has not slowed down.
furnishing our house, decorating, is taking all of our energy. plus changing my name...
i still haven't even downloaded our photos/videos from our honeymoon.

this weekend, i plan to relax, catch up on the bachelorette, [haven't watched one episode this season yet!] go on a triple date with my sister & brother and their spouses, hopefully download photos/videos from honeymoon and just relax some more.  maybe find some curtains for our bedroom.  it sure does get bright in there super early.

i love married life.  
and love my husband even more ;)

maybe this weekend i'll even get around to a post about the wedding week & wedding day!

stay tuned.

11 March 2013


getting married gives you no time for anything else.
especially blogging.
and with my sister getting married too, all things around here are wedding.
well, except one thing.


fiance' and i have our house!
we have started fixing it up a little.
stain cabinets.
light fixtures.
not too much, but a lot at the same time.

it is seriously the perfect first house: we are in love with it!
now to furnish it... neither of us have much furniture to bring in, so we get to shop :)
#1 item being a couch.
[i can not wait to have everything moved in and for isa to move in after we get married!!!]
:) :) :)


75 days people!!!

06 February 2013


can NOT believe it is already february.
ever since oct 24, time has flown by.

last month was a great month.
went to LA for a weekend.
hung with sidekick.
got free teeth whitening from a patient as wedding gift. awesome gift!
packed and moved.
sad. but so exciting.

leaving my home for the past 21/2 years was so sad.
i had the best roommate ever.
now i am temporarily at my parents.  my whole life in one room & partial garage.
but great things are happening.
engagement pictures this weekend.
valentine's day next thursday.
wedding registry.
we'll be moving me into our home in no time!

happy february! 
i hope to update more often.
will post engagement pictures after i get them :) :) :)
 we are almost to the 100 day mark!

15 January 2013


as you know, my little sister is getting married too!
april 5.
two months before me :)

and right now they're trying to win a free engagement session!
so please go to this facebook page
like the photographers page
and then like jacquelyn temple's photo!
**you have to like the photographers page and jacque's photo for it to count!**

this photo, in case you only know me and not my little sister

14 January 2013

happy new year!

we are getting married this year!
that is all.

4 months 11 days 2 hours 57 minutes.