02 February 2015

If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Read my son's mind...
Remember that Nickelodeon show, Rugrats?  The babies could talk and walk and have full on conversations and adventures and then one episode it's from the parents perspective and the Rugrats are all goo goo ga ga, bla la, mah nah... Making absolutely no sense at all....  now, that I have a rugrat of my own I constantly wonder what goes on in that brain of his.  Max LOVES going under his high chair and under the bar stools and just sits there playing and talking for long periods of time.  Climbs in and out, over and up, stands up, talks to the seat, sits down, giggles.  It is adorable.  But what is he thinking, saying.   He'll crawl to our glass doors and peer outside, talking to the birds and bugs, watching the leaves rustle in the wind.  He is very content to talk and sing to his high chair, playing with the buckle, scooting the chair around the kitchen.                        [Stay small and innocent little love.] 
 I am currently planning his first birthday party, I have already shed thousands of tears over this momentous occasion.  Why do kids have to grow up?  t-minus 10 days until I have a one year old, a ONE year old!  If you need me, I will be hiding in my house, blubbering my eyes out, savoring the last few days of my sons first year of life.