28 March 2012

half way

hello, day 10!!!
at the end of today, i will be half way done with the 20 day rejuvenation for work.
it has been 10 WHOLE DAYS of no sweets, and 100% vegetarian.
it's really quite easy. although i have had some major cravings for:
golden wings from zipps
grilled cheese from paradise bakery
fondue {cheese & chocolate}
so to say i haven't had moments of weakness, would be a lie.  but i over came them.
i even went so far as to create a list in notes on my iphone:

 and although i have said it has been quite easy, 
does NOT mean i can not wait to get these 20 days over and done with. haha
at midnight tonight the countdown will begin. :) :) :)


on another note, there is this blog Nie Nie Dialogues 
that i have been reading for years.  and every special occasion, especially birthdays stephanie, err Nie, would mention this place The Sweet Tooth Fairy and their amazing cupcakes and sweets.  well as of this friday, we will have our very own location in scottsdale az!
i can NOT wait to finally try the vaNIella cupcake and all the many other treats as well.  
so hip hip hooray for the grand opening of 
this friday, march 30, 2012.

although, i will unfortunately not be able to eat any sweets this weekend,
i can not wait until my 20 days are up so i can venture on over to scottsdale rd & the greenway hayden loop and get a load of what the sweet tooth fairy is all about.

23 March 2012

an update on 20 days

today is day 5.
things are going great.
the first 2 days were ween days in which i only ate fruits & veggies to rid of the crap i usually eat.
the past two and a half days have been nothing but detox days.  
water, supplements, & a detox drink.
i am so glad today is my last detox day.  i want some real food.
over the past 2 days i've looked for some new extremely healthy recipes for when days 6-20 commence.
 i want to make  lettuce cups, veggie kabobs, & roasted veggies.
 i already have the recipes printed out and ready to go! 
{although to me recipes are more of loose guidelines, than anything really}
surpringsly i really haven't been craving sweets, not even when roomie pulled out birthday cake oreos last night.
my main cravings have been for chinese & pizza.  
flos & grimaldis, i'll see you in april!
 bonus: i am down a few pounds :) 
we'll see what happens as the next 2 weeks unfold.



will you be seeing the hunger games this weekend?
i will be seeing it with baby bro, roomie, carter & boyfriend tonight! woohoo
may the odds be ever in your favor.

19 March 2012


the next 20 days of no sweets...
see it starts when i went to this seminar this past weekend for work.
we are adding some new components to our offices & i, as a worker bee
need to experience some of the programs our patients will be going through. that way i can truly understand what they're experiencing. 
over the weekend i experienced my first 2: SMT {self-mastery technology} and a body wrap.
see, i am starting out doing body wraps on people, so it's only obvious i experience one for myself so i can reassure those people who might have claustrophobia {like myself} that it doesn't feel like the world is caving in on you.   we will also be offering some different weight loss programs & detox/rejuvenation.
therefore, it brings me to the next 20 days of no sweets, but not just sweets, cheese & meat as well. i will be a hard-core vegetarian.
i am currently on the 20 day rejuvenation program.
2 full days of nothing but veggies, fruits, supplements, water & luckily a yummy choc. nutrition shake.
{that is seriously my vice for the next 17/20 days}
 3 days of detox: supplements & a detox drink & lots of water
then 15 final days of fruits, veggies, supplements & nutrition shake {and of course water}.

i did, however, calculate it just right... at the end of my 20 days, my reward:

day 20, april 7, day 21... EASTER YAY! :) :) :)
honeybaked ham, mashed potatoes 
& my very own easter basket full of easter candy!!! 
don't worry, these 20 days won't be for nothing,
 i won't go overboard... 
but i will definitely enjoy every bite i do take.

bonus of the 20 day rejuv. program, i may shed a couple pounds... no harm in that :)

i am going to need a lot of help with this! so a GOOD LUCK is much in order.
--what have i gotten myself into? haha.

14 March 2012

pi day

happy pi day!


tonight i fly to salt lake city for a work training/seminar.
i get to see jacque & spend a couple days with her!!!
tomorrow we are thinking park city for shopping
friday all day seminar
saturday most of the day seminar & hopefully boyce avenue concert
sunday hang a little more and then i fly home
YAY for a great LONG work-fun weekend :) :) :)

09 March 2012

the hunger games

on wednesday there was the hunger games mall tour.
and i was lucky enough to win some VIP wristbands to attend.{thanks 43kix}
so wednesday afternoon roomie & i headed over to fashion square mall for some hunger games fun.

first we waited in line for about 2 hours for autographs. some people had been there since 4am waiting in line to get wristbands... glad i won mine :) :) :)
then we went and waited for an hour or so for the q&a to start.
VIP got to watch from up above. 
we got a cool poster the cast signed & a hunger games lanyard

signing at the microsoft store - they're back there, look closely :)

stage set up for q&a - johnjay & rich host

my autographs! gale - thresh - marvel - glimmer

i spy roomie & i

beautiful man - those eyes :)

jack quaid - liam hemsworth - leven rambin - dayo okeniyi

08 March 2012

happy birthday baby bro

one big happy birthday to the baby of the family
i can not believe he is 18.
seriously still remember the day he was born at home.
after school my best friend, jessica q, and i ran home just to see him.
i swear we played dress up with him forever.
he was our real life doll.
happy birthday kid!
have a great year, especially starting off college this year!


07 March 2012


i've had a few friends get married recently
 and can't help but oogle over the work {err masterpieces} of the photographers. actually any photographers work really... not just the engagement, family, & weddings.. but events & concerts as well.
they are absolutely fantastic. 
i find myself on these photographers websites and blogs looking at their work for hours on end. 
 not knowing 99% of the people in the photos but just being absolutely captivated by the images.

take a minute and enjoy for yourself

06 March 2012

In Memoriam: Bernice.

so much love & admiration in that name.
one year has passed.

one of the cutest couples i've ever known.

05 March 2012

my weekend.

in pictures:

the beautiful bride linda
boyfriend caught the garter ;)

 juie & i being silly with a wig

my very first shamrock shake for this season



congrats to Linda & Randy Wilde
burbank trip was quick but fantastic 
this morning was a drag, i am so exhausted...
however, i just got a CALL & guess what!?
i won a pair of VIP meet & greet wristbands to 
wednesdays Hunger Games Mall tour!!!! *squee*
hello, thor's brother, mr liam hemsworth 

one excited girl right now.  i can tell march will just be absolutely fabulous.


01 March 2012


happy birthday cody! 

march is the month of luck.
hopefully it brings much luck to you all.

today i want to go for a mani/pedi and i need to pack for burbank.
plus zumba.  thursday nights are possibly my favorite night. ZUMBA.
seriously, brings much happiness to my soul & such a stress reliever.
not to mention, the cute pocket size instructor, debra.
seriously does not even hit 5 feet tall {not even in 4 inch heels}.  white blonde pixie cut..
must mean she is a fairy {tinkerbell}.  that lady, wow, her energy & enthusiasm, i want that.

lucky march to all ye leprechauns.