28 March 2012

half way

hello, day 10!!!
at the end of today, i will be half way done with the 20 day rejuvenation for work.
it has been 10 WHOLE DAYS of no sweets, and 100% vegetarian.
it's really quite easy. although i have had some major cravings for:
golden wings from zipps
grilled cheese from paradise bakery
fondue {cheese & chocolate}
so to say i haven't had moments of weakness, would be a lie.  but i over came them.
i even went so far as to create a list in notes on my iphone:

 and although i have said it has been quite easy, 
does NOT mean i can not wait to get these 20 days over and done with. haha
at midnight tonight the countdown will begin. :) :) :)


on another note, there is this blog Nie Nie Dialogues 
that i have been reading for years.  and every special occasion, especially birthdays stephanie, err Nie, would mention this place The Sweet Tooth Fairy and their amazing cupcakes and sweets.  well as of this friday, we will have our very own location in scottsdale az!
i can NOT wait to finally try the vaNIella cupcake and all the many other treats as well.  
so hip hip hooray for the grand opening of 
this friday, march 30, 2012.

although, i will unfortunately not be able to eat any sweets this weekend,
i can not wait until my 20 days are up so i can venture on over to scottsdale rd & the greenway hayden loop and get a load of what the sweet tooth fairy is all about.

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