29 February 2012


leap day! here it is... one extra day every four years...
what it means for me: one extra pay day on the end of february paycheck! 
woohoo :) :) :)
also it brings me the irish tradition of leap day which was introduced to me in 2010 via amy adams in, how original,  
one day in every 4 years it is acceptable for a girl to ask her boy to marry her..
so here goes:


i know his answer... he's WAY TOO traditional for that so... yeah. AWKWARD  
moving on.... HAHA

TOMORROW IS MARCH! Which brings a month of fun:
our nephew cody's birthday
linda's wedding
baby bro's birthday
taking our 2 eldest nephews to a suns game
family celebrating march birthdays
salt lake city & seeing my lil sis
my big sister's birthday on st. patty's day
and most importantly... well maybe not MOST... but AMAZINGEST!
{kind of like girl scout cookies.. only one month a year}

28 February 2012

in the next few months

i get to travel! YAY. feels like forever since my last trip.
i LOVE to travel.  definitely my favorite past time.

this weekend burbank.
march 14-18 salt lake {get to spend some time with jacque! do have to work tho too}
april 11-16 chicago {hello, jennelle}
may 26-28 vegas!! {annual vegas trip with julie kevin & boyfriend}

:) :) :) one happy girl :) :) :)

and i am sure many more trips to plan...
i am trying to talk boyfriend in to new york for new years!!!

27 February 2012

macaroni salad

you know that macaroni salad you get at a hawaiian bbq place?
well i am looking for that recipe.
it is kind of sweet but oh so yummy.
and i have yet to find a great recipe.
if anyone has one... please let me know.
when i went to university there was this hawaiian grill
mai island grill.
absolute BEST hawaiian bbq & macaroni salad.
now if i could get that recipe i would be a happy camper.:) :)
however it seems, that mai island grill has closed down
and it was all the way in tempe... 
nowhere near where i work or live.
hence, my search for the best macaroni salad recipe EVER.... 

the search continues...

06 February 2012



good thing updating my blog daily or weekly was not one of my new years resolutions... otherwise i would have failed within the first week. hahaha.

my new years resolutions: keep calm and carry on
*don't sweat the small stuff*
pay off my car! 
get married - eh? who knows... 
might be a good thing to do before the world ends, you know it is 2012 and all.

i am extremely excited for this week. {excited is an understatement}
tonight, THE BACHELOR, night at my parents.
wednesday, girls night out @ studio movie grill = $1 movie {the notebook}
friday night is twilight time... hang out with roomie & carter and buy breaking dawn at midnight!
saturday, go clothes shopping for boyfriend, FINALLY, and see THE VOW.
boyfriend has lost 85 lbs! {EIGHTY-FIVE] as in 15 lbs away from 100! 
he is 5 lbs away from high school weight... talk about CRAZY.
i am so proud of him, he looks amazing, and has really made a great healthy decision to be healthy and stay active. we found our new favorite activity: hiking.  it took FOREVER for me to get boyfriend to agree to do an activity outside of the gym... he would always say, "no, i need to go to the gym".  
never realizing what a great work out hiking is.  
our first hike was sunrise trail, up 145th street and via linda.  it was absolutely gorgeous! 
i think our next hike will be camelback.  
that one has to be my absolute favorite hike. 
the views are seriously outrageously gorgeous.


For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. 
It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
- Judy Garland