20 April 2012

one hundred.

today marks a VERY big occasion.
100 months with boyfriend! 
normally we don't celebrate anniversary months, just years.. 
but reaching triple digit months is a pretty BIG DEAL.
so... what better way to celebrate 100 months than to go see titanic, 
being as it is it's 100th year anniversary.
we had planned to go last week but it didn't work out,
so now we are headed to the ultra star for some amazing Chicago-style popcorn,
 possibly a panini, and the huge boat that was TITANIC, in 3D.

happy anniversary baby :*

09 April 2012

i did it!

that's right! i made it!
all 20 days. no cheating, did the plan exactly.
boyfriend did not think i would last 20 days without sweets, but i did.
my body definitely feels the benefits. 
not only does my body feel rejuvenated, i lost some weight as well.
wham-o ka-blam-o double bonus.


any questions about the rejuve/detox? just ask!

04 April 2012

the ship of dreams


hits theatres again today.
i have never been more excited!

see the first time around, being eleven, 
i was too young, {according to my mother} to go see the movie.
i mean, you see some boobies and all.... therefore i was rendered not to go.
i had many, many friends who saw the movie 3,4,5 and even 13 times in the theatre, yet i didn't get to go once {sob, sob, sob}. eventually i was allowed to see it once it came out on VHS, yes VHS people, 2 tapes for one movie, what even was DVD?
therefore, this time you know i will be seeing it, at least once,
 probably more on the big ole' screen.
need to take it in, in full 3D effect and 2D later on.

boyfriend and i will be waiting til monday to see this glorious film.
why wait? because then i can enjoy all 3.5 hours of the film while eating some glorious cheese & caramel popcorn. :) :) :) that's right, waiting so that my 20 day rejuve is done {4 days left!!!} and i can enjoy a movie again with the company of a big tub of popcorn
  {that i can blubber into}.

i get chill bumps just watching the trailer... bring on the tissues

02 April 2012


to sum up my crazy start to this week, that is called monday: