04 April 2012

the ship of dreams


hits theatres again today.
i have never been more excited!

see the first time around, being eleven, 
i was too young, {according to my mother} to go see the movie.
i mean, you see some boobies and all.... therefore i was rendered not to go.
i had many, many friends who saw the movie 3,4,5 and even 13 times in the theatre, yet i didn't get to go once {sob, sob, sob}. eventually i was allowed to see it once it came out on VHS, yes VHS people, 2 tapes for one movie, what even was DVD?
therefore, this time you know i will be seeing it, at least once,
 probably more on the big ole' screen.
need to take it in, in full 3D effect and 2D later on.

boyfriend and i will be waiting til monday to see this glorious film.
why wait? because then i can enjoy all 3.5 hours of the film while eating some glorious cheese & caramel popcorn. :) :) :) that's right, waiting so that my 20 day rejuve is done {4 days left!!!} and i can enjoy a movie again with the company of a big tub of popcorn
  {that i can blubber into}.

i get chill bumps just watching the trailer... bring on the tissues

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