23 March 2012

an update on 20 days

today is day 5.
things are going great.
the first 2 days were ween days in which i only ate fruits & veggies to rid of the crap i usually eat.
the past two and a half days have been nothing but detox days.  
water, supplements, & a detox drink.
i am so glad today is my last detox day.  i want some real food.
over the past 2 days i've looked for some new extremely healthy recipes for when days 6-20 commence.
 i want to make  lettuce cups, veggie kabobs, & roasted veggies.
 i already have the recipes printed out and ready to go! 
{although to me recipes are more of loose guidelines, than anything really}
surpringsly i really haven't been craving sweets, not even when roomie pulled out birthday cake oreos last night.
my main cravings have been for chinese & pizza.  
flos & grimaldis, i'll see you in april!
 bonus: i am down a few pounds :) 
we'll see what happens as the next 2 weeks unfold.



will you be seeing the hunger games this weekend?
i will be seeing it with baby bro, roomie, carter & boyfriend tonight! woohoo
may the odds be ever in your favor.

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