19 March 2012


the next 20 days of no sweets...
see it starts when i went to this seminar this past weekend for work.
we are adding some new components to our offices & i, as a worker bee
need to experience some of the programs our patients will be going through. that way i can truly understand what they're experiencing. 
over the weekend i experienced my first 2: SMT {self-mastery technology} and a body wrap.
see, i am starting out doing body wraps on people, so it's only obvious i experience one for myself so i can reassure those people who might have claustrophobia {like myself} that it doesn't feel like the world is caving in on you.   we will also be offering some different weight loss programs & detox/rejuvenation.
therefore, it brings me to the next 20 days of no sweets, but not just sweets, cheese & meat as well. i will be a hard-core vegetarian.
i am currently on the 20 day rejuvenation program.
2 full days of nothing but veggies, fruits, supplements, water & luckily a yummy choc. nutrition shake.
{that is seriously my vice for the next 17/20 days}
 3 days of detox: supplements & a detox drink & lots of water
then 15 final days of fruits, veggies, supplements & nutrition shake {and of course water}.

i did, however, calculate it just right... at the end of my 20 days, my reward:

day 20, april 7, day 21... EASTER YAY! :) :) :)
honeybaked ham, mashed potatoes 
& my very own easter basket full of easter candy!!! 
don't worry, these 20 days won't be for nothing,
 i won't go overboard... 
but i will definitely enjoy every bite i do take.

bonus of the 20 day rejuv. program, i may shed a couple pounds... no harm in that :)

i am going to need a lot of help with this! so a GOOD LUCK is much in order.
--what have i gotten myself into? haha.

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