23 November 2011

birthday weekend continued

boyfriend & i put a $50 limit on birthday presents this year.
he got me exactly what i wanted! a new pair of vans.
my old pair are way worn and torn and i have been wanting the checkered pair for awhile.

perfect gift

i also got a bunch of flowers for my birthday & i LOVE flowers

from boyfriend, roomie, jessy, & megan


boyfriend came over early and took me to the good egg for breakfast.
normally we don't go out sundays but he had to work all day on my actual birthday and really wanted to take me out for a nice breakfast.  it was so YUMMY.
cinnamon french toast, eggs, bacon & potatoes :)
afterwards we went to isa & carol's to watch the bears game, and THEY WON.
that is 5 in a row now :)

for dinner we went to my parents where they had a birthday celebration for me.
we ate spaghetti carbonara and christen made a wonderful twilight birthday cake for me!

it's so weird actually being 25! i mean, i've been telling people i'm 25 for a few months now, but to actually be 25 WOW. it is kind of exciting, and now i feel like a true adult.
i know 25 will be my best year yet! 

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