26 October 2011

such a sap.

i realized growing up i have a crying spell.  i cry for the dumbest reasons.
when i'm happy i'll cry. when i'm sad i'll cry. when i'm mad i'll cry.
i'm sure by now you get the picture.
today i was blog surfing and came across a post about this ladies daily adventure when she posted a youtube video about the show mobbed. and for this mobbing a man proposed to his girlfriend through song and dance and also married her about 5 minutes later with all of America watching, and about 13945342323 people singing and dancing right there in person.
 this video lead to more youtube videos of wedding proposals and more tissues.
happy, sad, happy, sad.
cue the tissues.
this is my favorite one.

and this is tied for favorite, although may be my most favorite.
  i love small, intimate, simple.

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