17 October 2011

jack and jill.

this weekend was FULL of halloween fun.
friday night i went to AZ SCREAM PARK with:
Isa, Carol, Missy, Dani, Nikki and Esa.
{boyfriend had guys night}

it was seriously awesome.  the last time i went to the scream park was when i was a freshman in college and i was let down big time.  it was so lame, so i was kind of eh, about going.  but boy, did the scream park pull through this year.  i mean seriously, so awesome, and a lot of the creepers seemed to be out for me.  az scream park is 4 haunted houses at one location and one price.  there was the castle of darkness, goldminers revenge, horror high, and a 3-D fear factory {with clowns}.  first we went to the castle of darkness, where one of the creepers trapped me up against a wall with hands on either side of me, later in that house there was a bed in which some weird thing sprung out of the bed which made nikki completely freak out and dive on the ground.  then, we proceeded onto goldminers revenge, where first thing in i put my hand on the railing of the first bridge and get a splinter [said splinter, is still in my hand] then farther in the house there were chainsaws, in which dani tripped and fell on the ground scraping her left hip bone pretty good.  a total of 3 {THREE} chainsaws in that house, pretty gnarly.  afterwards, we went to first aid to get dani a band aid and creepy man-alice in wonderland helped her out.  the third house we went to was horror high.  upon entering, they tell us this is a touch house, in which most haunted house goers know the creepy men, women, things are not allowed to touch you, however in this house they had us "sign away our lives" so that the creepers at horror high could in fact touch us.  which they did.  missy got a good comb through of the hair by a dead school girl and a good blowing of the whistle right in her ear.  the ghosts and zombies proceeded to touch us and creep us out.  when we got to the "cafeteria" the butcher {cleaver in head} began to squeeze bloody meat on me, {actually nasty sponge with water, nonetheless NASTY}.  That house ended and we finished the night off at the 3-D fear factory.  Here, we saw creepy clowns [i HATE clowns, IT anyone?] someone called out my name, therefore, as we went through the house the clowns and creepers said my name out loud too.  at the end of this house was a chainsaw man, everyone escaped except myself and dani, whom we were holding onto each other for dear life.  he told me to let go and proceeded to put the chainsaw between danielle and myself, therefore, leaving me trapped in the fear factory by myself.  {everyone at this point is outside wondering where i am...}  the chainsaw man asks if i'm scared, i nod yes.... he thinks it's hysterical to run the chainsaw in front of my feet and down the wall next to me... finally i scream really loud and run out of the house, all-the-while chainsaw man is following chasing me.  i meet up with the group and we're laughing and walking away from the fear factory when the next group of victims come running out of the house, chainsaw man chasing them, we're watching the hilarity ensue when the chainsaw man eats it, and i mean eats it hard, comepltely tripped up, down in the dirt.  WE BUST UP LAUGHING! end of friday night scare fest.


saturday evening.
boyfriend and i almost had a date night and went to see real steel.
instead, somehow i got him to go out to some more haunted houses!
we went with carol, isa, missy, and jessy. 
missy found this place called jack and jill's haunted hill online.
we went, and it was AWESOME.

isa and boyfriend were both extremely skeptical when we showed up to the jack and jill address over off of 14th street and cave creek road.  it was literally a hill in between houses on a street with no street lamps and a sign made out of cardboard.  boys being very dubious, almost didn't even get out of the car.  however, the girls all wanted to check it out so we agreed to at least walk up the hill and see what it was about.  we jump out of the car and find this young boy just staring at us.  isa asks him how he is, and the boy replies, "good".  he was in dirty clothes, no shoes, we were expecting his head to start spinning around and spewing vomit, yep he was that creepy.  we went up the hill and saw how extremely spectacular it was and decided to go through "the mine".  first thing, we walk in and watch a video about the disappearance of jack and jill, then proceed through the mine.  not to give anything away, but it was brilliant.  i would definitely recommend it.  therefore, that experience got us hyped up to do more.... we drove on to bell and 114th ave to be scared at chambers of fear.  love, love, loved! chambers of fear.  it had all the great scary movie villains, freddy, michael meyers.  it was superb.  missy hates the ring girl, and when the ring girl showed up she ran backwards, straight into boyfriends nose.  boyfriend's eyes welled up and missy got a splitting headache.  funny, but sad.  at the end there was a chainsaw man, err bunny, creepy easter bunny chainsaw chasing us through a parking lot.

the weekend ended brilliantly with victory over the vikings.

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