22 September 2011


our vegas trip in reverse order

my beautiful pearl (boyfriend chose an awesome oyster!)

showing off the pearl

the white one is what is normally found. mine is the blue-silver one
they're normally 4-5mm mine is 8mm :) :) we are lucky!

doing the pearl ceremony for good luck

smoochin' in a phone booth at the mirage.

GO BEARS - watching the bears game sunday morning at legasse
stadium at the palazzo.

ALL my food :) chicken caesar salad, funnel cake,
plus milkshake & chocolate chip cookies.

at pho eating vietnamese food. julie and rita (aka kevin)

waiting for jabbawockeez to start.

seeing jabbawockeez at monte carlo

peace. me & jules (boyfriends new nickname for julie)

boyfriends breakfast at serendipity
- the hangover omelette -

bigger than your head pancakes at serendipity
(yes, that's really the name of the dish)

frozen hot chocolate at serendipity
FINALLY! i've been wanting to try forever!
musashi grill - our cook nick. he was hilarious!!!! 

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