26 August 2011


i am such a slacker!
i haven't posted in almost a month... work has been busy,
life has been busy
i've been traveling A LOT. {not complaining about that one}

i've already been to los angeles and boston this month, i am headed to san fransisco on monday night so let's just say i'm a traveling gypsy ;)
okay, i'm not actually, but it's fun to say it.

hopefully soon i can fill you in on my travels, but for now i need to work  
{yes, i have a real job}
and work on travel arrangements plus packing for my upcoming trips!

san fransisco
los angeles
las vegas
los angeles
las vegas
los angeles

these are the trips i have planned or am considering in the next 10 weeks :) :) :)
i think maybe i should just have a residence in los angeles and las vegas - 
i seem to be there enough.

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