26 January 2015

I know. It's been forever.... 

I have a son, and he shares. Just this week he started taking food and offering it to me. Can he be any cuter?

Jan 3, he started to clap. And he loves it. Anytime anyone says yay, he claps. He also gets petrified during football games when Mr. yells at the tv. So we've had to turn that into cheering and clapping. Teaching him the classic touchdown arms up as well. 

Max is so close to walking. If he wanted to he already would be. He runs around the house "using" his walker. He can get down off the couch all by himself. He's mastered the staircase and loves music.
Enough with the bragging, I mean update...

He turns one, NEXT MONTH! Let me go cry...

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  1. Cute! It is crazy that I known you since 200...5?