05 June 2012

doo wop shop & #fffbikinifit

here to bring a smile to your face

what was your favorite segment?

thanks to my person for showing me this video and bringing a smile to my face today :)


the next 31 days i am doing the @fabfitfun #fffbikinifit challenge
seeing as i just recently did a body rejuvenation for work,
why not keep it up and do the #fffbikinifit challenge & be bikini ready for the 4th of july.
every day i have to tweet in pictures, here's day 1 & day 2:

day 1 challenge 1: run in the sun
unfortunately in AZ it is WAY too hot to run outside, but i still got my cardio in!

day 2 challenge 2: picture of reusable water bottle
this is my resusable cup i use at work every day, not exactly a water bottle but i reuse it day in and day out

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