24 May 2011


oh tim, i swear that is the fastest anyone has ever been kicked out of the mansion...

last night was the season premiere of the bachelorette! and boy did i have a good time. i threw a mini premiere party at my parent's house, complete with roses, candles, rose petals fantasy "suites" and a cocktail party punch. everyone chose their favorite bachelor, by the picture alone, and waited to see if they made the first cut.
sophie & dalila's men were cut, but everyone else chose a winner for the night!
tim got wasted and blacked out - sent home even before the rose ceremony.
jeff- uhh whose he? the man in the mask - {weird. we thought so}
i really want the bachelorette's dress from last night, too bad it's oh about
$20,000.00 {just over my budget}
- can't wait to see all the fashion this season -
that is my main reason for watching, oh and not to mention some nice eye candy :)
but... back to the boys:
my first impression - by looks alone - went to william and did he turn out to be fun!
definitely want to throw more parties and will definitely throw one for the finale of the bachelorette :)

here for your enjoyment: photos from the party

table setting
got to have the red roses...
meet the bachelors
my niece sophie & i
our bachelors {hey boyfriend}
the girls {jacque, dalila, preeti, sophie, moms knee - dad watched too}

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