25 May 2011

what's for dinner?

my brother, SIL, and their 2 kids have been in town for about a week
- unfortunately my brother had to return home for work and school -
{law school - he's pretty smart - his wife too, she already completed the law school part, now just the bar for her}
HOWEVER, he is coming back this weekend to enjoy a little bit of the memorial weekend and then they'll all drive back home to texas, monday.

while my SIL is in town we have been kitchen junkies {jacque & mom too} - making amazing food constantly.
our menu has included:

potato salad
elmo birthday cake
chocolate covered strawberries
mint brownies
marshmallow brownies
all types of salads
we did eat at flo's once {must do when in scottsdale}
and last, but certainly not least - last night's dinner:
drum roll:
BBQ chicken pizza

never before have i made such amazing homemade pizza - seriously this one takes the cake for
{even ask boyfriend}
homemade crust, fresh'n'easy original BBQ sauce, red onion, chicken, mozzarella & gouda cheese and to top it all off - pineapple! extraordinarily epic.

that one will be in the for sure must make every month recipe book.

my bf {julie} is a major foodie, so this post could not be complete without mentioning her:
while i write this post she is currently reading about people's last meals before execution -
she shared the list with me, and i must say PEOPLE ARE WEIRD!
the different meals vary from small items to feasts:

John William Elliott: One cup of hot tea (from tea bags) and six chocolate chip cookies.
John Richard Baltazar: Cool Whip and cherries - not served it as the prison did not keep it stocked
Tony Lee Walker: French fries, five pieces of fried chicken and three Dr Peppers.
T.J. Jones: Triple meat cheeseburger with fried bun and everything, french fries, ketchup, four pieces of chicken (two legs and two thighs) and one fried pork chop sandwich.
Daniel E. Reneau: One tray of french fries with salt and ketchup, one tray of nachos with cheese and jalapenos, one cheeseburger with mustard and everything and one pitcher of sweet tea.
Stanley Allison Baker Jr.: Two 16-ounce ribeyes, one pound turkey breast (sliced thin), twelve strips of bacon, two large hamburgers with mayo, onion and lettuce, two large baked potatoes with butter, sour cream, cheese and chives, four slices of cheese or one-half pound of grated cheddar cheese, chef salad with blue cheese dressing, two ears of corn on the cob, one pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and four vanilla Cokes or Mr. Pibb.
Gerald Lee Mitchell: One bag of assorted Jolly Ranchers.

(fried chicken seems to be the way to go...) no pun intended. haha...

can we say creepy mccreepersons? YEAH!

anyways what would you wish for, for your last meal? {morbid, i know}


  1. Last meal eh?... I'd Want Steak! Mashed potatoes. Also that homemade pizza you made! It was so good!

  2. I Forgot Dr. Pepper!!! Can't forget that! I'd want a gallon of that as well!