17 May 2011


i just finished the editing process of Joanna's wedding present! (sshhh...)
i am so excited! however, now that waiting part.. {ugghhh} get it exported to idvd, create the menu page, blah, blah, blah and then burn it to a dvd.
need to make sure it works on a dvd player, etc, etc.

praise the Lord.

BUT i just want this to be in Joanna's hands RIGHT NOW!
for someone with great patience... i have no patience when it comes to surprises for people.
ask boyfriend, i really can not count how many times he has received a valentine's day, birthday, or christmas present days early... okay, maybe not christmas presents early... but any other holiday or day in which i give gifts... there is a HUGE chance he'll get the present early.
OR if i can't wait to give the gift, he will get a "random" present like 2 weeks before the day, and then i will get him another {probably smaller and not as cool} present for the actual day.

let's just say - i love to give people presents and do HUGE surprises...
HOWEVER - when i know someone is trying to surprise me i CAN NOT HANDLE IT! so don't even try, or do, just don't tell me you're trying!

anyways, YAY! present is almost on it's way to the new

Mr. & Mrs. Ziadeh!

Congratulations again! I love you.

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