16 May 2011

the end and the beginning.

all my spring shows are ending, however SUMMER shows are BEGINNING!
goodbye, survivor (YAY! boston rob finally won) - hello, BIG BROTHER
goodbye, vampire diaries and one tree hill and a sad farewell forever to Smallville {boyfriend sure did enjoy you the long run you had} - just goodbye, CW shows
goodbye, DWTS and American Idol - hello, SYTYCD

today marks one week until the season premiere of The Bachelorette!
i am an anything Bachelor/ette fiend.

it all started one winter break back in high school when they had a marathon on tv, and every night that break they had an episode of the bachelor. ever since i have been obsessed. i remember in high school talking with my girlfriends about the bachelor and how cute or not he was. picking out my favorites for the season and who i thought he should choose. i even got boyfriend to join in on the fun. {although he may adamantly deny this}

so now, here we are again, one week out and we are not that excited for who the bachelorette is...
last season, Brad's season, she was 3rd runner-up (that sounds terrible, like it's just a big game, it is their hearts people) Anyways, i remember the last time around on The Bachelorette we were none too excited for Ali (she was a runner-up in Jake's season) to be the bachelorette. BUT, low and behold, we fell madly in LOVE with her and that dreamy, dreamy Roberto, maybe because he REALLY, i mean REALLY reminds me of boyfriend. {he was my choice from day 1}
although we may have our reservations, you know where you can find us monday evenings. cuddly on the couch glued to the tv, yelling at Ashley {through the tv} for her bad decisons and cheering her on for all the great ones.
we will be sure to let you in on our favorite picks for the season.
goodbye, spring - HELLO SUMMER!

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