15 May 2011

i just need somebody to love

last night was date night!

First stop: Red Robin (YUUuuumM!)
for appetizers we had onion rings and mozzarella sticks.
i ate a delish bacon cheeseburger {swiss} with bottomless fries.
boyfriend had the grilled 'shroom burger with, of course, bottomless fries.
i swear that fry seasoning is the absolute BEST EVER!

Second stop: Target (tar-jaay)
we bought some miniature tootsie rolls for the movie and to satisfy my new OBSESSION boyfriend bought me Never Say Never {dvd/blu-ray/digital copy} + Justin Bieber Never Say Never - The Remixes CD !!! That definitely made my night.

lastly, we ended up at Ultra Star Movie Theater.
overall, the movie was okay. but seriously, dex and annie, come on - a bit repetitive.
HOWEVER ethan, oh ethan, how i loved him. he just added that special touch to the movie and in the end i wanted to marry him over dex or marcus.
{i do love me some John Krasinski}

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