14 May 2011


as much as i hate to admit it, i {jaime} have *Bieber Fever*
i never understood the phenomenon, until i had a redbox rental and an evening to myself.
i, loving music, thought why not? what do i have to lose? {besides 100 mins, i'd never get back}

apparently, EVERYTHING.

so there i was, standing in front of the redbox swiping my card and getting
Never Say Never.
i did not end up watching it that night, but i awoke to the apartment to myself and popped it in.
instantly i fell for this cute little boy and his story. his young, teen mother and his wonderful grandparents, who helped raise him. it turns out to be quite an inspiring story, not to mention i did enjoy his music. i had heard of him, of course, but never until today taken the time to listen to his music or learn anything about him.
so now, here i am, admitting that i have Bieber Fever.

* i ended up watching the movie twice in a row *

{i think i need to go buy this movie now and any of his cd's}

- eek, who have i become? haha :)

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