18 May 2011

dancing queen

last night i had a girls night with mom and jacque {my lil sis}.
we went down to tempe, had dinner and watched a brilliant show
{mama mia!}
the entire night was so much fun.
first, we got down to the theater in plenty of time to get great parking, pick up our tickets from will call and head down to Mill Ave to find somewhere to eat.
unfortunately for me, i was wearing a new {relatively new, had worn them once for like 20 mins} pair of wedges. they are quite comfortable shoes, but not when you're practically running a marathon in them. we took a good 10 min walk from Gammage Theater to Mill to find somewhere to eat. we hadn't decided beforehand where to go, so we walked for a little before we came upon
mellow mushroom.

it is a pizza place, and let me tell you it was fabulous! we had a stuffed portobello mushroom for an appetizer and then a half caesar half hawaiian pizza pie. SCRUMDIDDLIUMCIOUS!
we had to rush real fast through dinner because we took too long to decide on where to eat and then it took a good 20-25 mins for our pizza to arrive, so we scarfed it fast.
right when our pizza arrived we ordered dessert to go and asked for the check... (dot. dot. dot.)
2 choc chip cookies
1 oatmeal raisin walnut cookie
and a brownie
the waitress was in shock! she said: "you're going to eat that all?" haha YUP!
us Temple girls sure know how to eat, especially anything to do with chocolate, sweets, dessert... (dot. dot. dot.)
we dashed out of the restaurant and back up Mill, we thought we would have a bike peddler take us, but he wanted $5 pp, uh NO THANKS! {we could get like 3 gallons of gas with that money} so we scurried our cute butts down the road, me in these wedges, while jacque and mom sprinted in their flats.
next time, NO HEELS FOR ME!
i now have small blisters on the balls of my feet and a cut {i don't know why or how} on my right big toe. we arrived just as the 5 minute chimes rang for the show to start. we sat in the balcony, row 1. mama mia! was absolutely fantastic!!! i absolutely LOVE ABBA, and the movie mama mia! (with meryl streep and amanda seyfriend). jacque had never seen the movie so she borrowed it from me the night before and watched it. she was hoping they'd do the ensemble in the wet suits and flippers, and boy did they! that part was HYSTERICAL!
mama mia! sure did deliver!
(and no, i do not keep doing a ! because i love mama mia! so much, it is part of the title,
although it does, FOR SURE, deserve the exclamation for how amazing it is!!!)

we ended up enjoying our 3 cookies and a brownie during the show and bopped along in our seats to the music. at the end of the show, instead of just taking their bows and going they ended up doing a small concert :) that was my favorite part. they sang some of the best songs of the show, including mama mia! and dancing queen.

i am sure the show is completely sold out, since our night was, it was opening night, but if you ever get the chance, i would DEFINITELY recommend seeing mama mia! at least once in your life.

us girls are hoping to do this again next month, and this time seeing Les Miserables, and making more time for us to enjoy dinner at mellow mushroom.

peace, love and ABBA!

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