31 May 2011

the end.

the end of the weekend and end of the month. {happy birthday to boyfriend's dad}
this weekend was a blast!
seriously, one of the best in a long while. (pretty sure in 10 days when khara visits that'll be an epic weekend too)
friday started with girls night with my s.i.l., mom, & jacque.
first s.i.l., mom, & i went to get our nails done. we found a great coupon for $30 mani/pedi.
that was quite an interesting 2 hours... 
none of our nail technicians spoke english, so here we are trying to tell them to cut our nails or trying to pay or even compliment them and they just smile and nod.  
finally, when i said money my lady realized i was trying to pay her. it was an adventure i tell you.but nonetheless we laughed about it and went on our way.
then, we picked up pizza went home and watched the wedding planner on tv. about 8:15 pm my s.i.l. and i went down to sky harbor to pick up her husband.  when we got back we waited a little for jacque to get home.
once jacque got home we watched midway to heaven, not the greatest movie, but we were so excited to see michelle money in it {she was on the last season of the bachelor} albeit a disappointment we laughed and enjoyed it and said, never again.  haha.  then jacque had to pack for idaho {her missionary is back} so here my s.i.l. & i are, sitting on jacques bed watching her try on outfit after outfit, laughing hysterically, watching youtube videos {one in particular that maybe i will post} and just enjoying each others company. 
it really was a great time. 
then, oh about 3:30am rolled around {my s.i.l. had already ditched us for her bed} and i decided, time for bed... so i drove home, hopped in my bed and passed out. i got to sleep in, yay, FINALLY.  usually my body has a self-set alarm clock and i am up by 8am, but i may have actually learned to turn it off.  so about 11:30am saturday, i wake up and boyfriend is all ready to go to umo mazen's for a day of swimming and bbqing.  he picked me up about 12:30pm and off we went - but first i said, target run! i need a swimsuit.  i have not bought a new swimsuit since the last time i went to visit my grandparents in florida {about 2 years ago} all my swimsuits are worn and WAY too big or WAY too small... so target then umo mazen's.  
the day was filled with fun, food, & family.  the girls enjoyed the sun with bubbles in the jacuzzi -
me, nicki, & dani (i promise im wearing a swimsuit)
umo mazen brought out some shampoo and just filled the hot tub with awesome bubbles and the boys enjoyed the shade and boyfriend and big isa played some catch {football & the chicago bears - all those boys need}.  we ate amazing food made by auntie julie and finished it off with ice cream cones and apple pie.  once the sun set we played a great game of basketball - big isa, carol, dani & later to be joined by nicki vs boyfriend, #4 and myself.  umo sam played offense the entire time.  incredibly fun game, but next time, must wear some sort of shoes {rubbed my feet raw} and lots & lots of padding {swear i have bruises everywhere - no fouls called} we then went to a movie at the pavillions in the ultra star cinema. sunday, went to church then over to boyfriend's for a bbq and lounging by the pool.  we hung out for a few hours then headed to my parents to ride with them out to jason's house {my eldest silbing} for another bbq.  (boy did i get my fill of bbq this weekend and it was AMAZING) i also got a sneak peek at the house they will be moving into at the end of this month.  it is absolutely beautiful.  i would love to go in there and decorate it for my s.i.l. {jason's wife}  monday i slept in some and then hung out with gannon.  we ran to a few stores and then went up to my parents for another bbq for memorial day
(to my father for serving our country and to all the men & women who have served or are serving currently, THANK YOU).
 we ate an awesome meal of bbq ribs, corn on the cob, beans, chips, & rolls. it was great food.  then we watched glenn beck's special on stephenie nielson {nieniedialogues.com} and her husband's plane crash and about the being burn survivors/thrivers.  it was a great special, i have been following her blog for years. afterwards we went to lay out and swim in the pool, however, before we could jump in the pool boyfriend calls and says you have a flat tire.  i go check the tire and sure enough there is a nail in my tire.  luckily, sams club was open so we hand pumped some air into the tire - stopped at mcchevron and pumped the tire full {free air at mcchevron} and then drove to sams.  low & behold they fixed the tire for FREE! however, i have really bad front end alignment and badly needed 2 new tires up front, so yeah, lucky me, had to purchase 2 new tires and have to get a front end alignment this week.  after waiting around about 1 hour and a half {sitting in recliners in the middle of sams club while watching mega mind and people staring as they passed by and also getting a free gift -knife-}  my car was ready and off we went home...

me on my couch in the middle of sams club 
boyfriend on his recliner thoroughly enjoying mega mind :)

changed from swim clothes to comfy clothes and headed back to my parents for the newest episode of the bachelorette.
last night's episode was GREAT! loved it -- too bad the mask didn't get to take off his mask, hopefully next week he will.  william {my day one choice} is still going strong! although at the cocktail party i did lose some liking for him (ding dong).  can't wait for next week's episode.

so LAST NIGHT... i can't sleep... i tried, but low & behold, nada.  so eventually, about 2am i turn everything off and try to sleep... it was quite pathetic.  around 6am i believe i finally crash, and all of a sudden it is 7:45am and boyfriend is calling.  {thank you boo} he realized he hadn't heard from me so YEAH! lucky me, boyfriend called and woke me up in just enough time for me to literally change, eat, & run out the door at the same time.  

here's to a good night's sleep tonight!

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  1. Mega Mind is an Awesome movie by the way!