10 May 2011


For those who have not seen the MTV horrific show, Jersey Shore,
G.T.L. = gym - tan - laundry {at least i think}
I saw the train wreck of a show once, so don't quote me.
But now that summer has arrived i am more in the mood for G.T.L.

no more white pasty, vampiress for me... next to boyfriend, i am Casper.

i am so excited for the pool to finally be warm enough to swim in, and days hot enough to lay out in the sun and enjoy a good book. i always need to work on my laundry skills, i have tons of clothes so i am terrible with making them all clean until i have about 5 loads to do.
Lastly, gym. Last night boyfriend and i went to the gym and did some cardio, i believe it was the first time in 2011 i was at the gym and actually got a good work out in :)

G.T.L. love xoxo

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