03 June 2011

when you think tim mcgraw

i hope you think of me...
because that is where i will be TONIGHT! tim mcgraw's concert baby :)
so excited.  i have been wanting to go, but boyfriend is having boys night {love you boo}
and gannon is working {make that green girl}.  jacque is going, but i didn't want to tag along on her group date, can we say...
i finally, realized, um hello! ask, jessy, she is boyfriend's cousin and my hair dresser and amazing FRIEND.  she enjoys country music, so i do not know what i didn't have this epiphany earlier.  
here i am sitting at work while she's over at her work cutting hair texting back and forth making THE plans.
im excited, didn't ya know?
if you need me tonight i will be down on the farm shakin' my boots & booty to songs like:

where the green grass grows
my best friend
live like you were dying
cowboy in me
my little girl
she's my kind of rain

and the list goes on and on!!!!
time to throw on my boots and boogie on over to ashley home furniture pavillion for

tim mcgraw.
HELLO! how lucky is faith hill? {wiping up the drool now}

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