08 July 2011


seemingly innocent enough, right?
last week i received these from boyfriend: 
they were delivered at the end of the work day after sitting in a delivery truck all day.
they were wilted and the chocolate that came with it was melted.
boyfriend was sad because his wonderful gestured was ruined by the arizona heat.
so being who he is, called up said flower place and set them straight.
therefore, wednesday i received these:
aren't they magnificant?
well they were delivered with no card, so whenever patients asked who they were from i said:
"i don't know" 
and some would say:
"oh you have a secret admirer"
"someone beat me to sending you flowers"
my patients are too funny.
one of my last patients of the day came in and said:
"who are those from?"
me: "i don't know, no card, but i'm sure they're from my boyfriend"
patient: "is it your birthday?"
me: "no."
patient: "anniversary?'
me: "no."
patient: "oh, did he yell at you?"
me: "no."
patient: "then he must have cheated".
me: dumbfounded mouth wide open
patient: "is he the type to send flowers to his secretary?"
me: "no."


my beautiful flowers have been tainted by said patient.
but i still love them.
and no, boyfriend doesn't even have a secretary.
and yes, boyfriend did send them.
moral of the story: old people are crazy

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