24 August 2012

bid adieu

to an era... 4 decades of hard work!

 this weekend i have one thing planned:
sunday night goodbye dinner for my baby brother!
he goes off to school in about a week. 
[cries, i remember the day he was born! 
-and we still have the recording of the news story that day of my mom using
 midwives and having 5/7 children at home, baby bro was a superstar from birth]
my parents will finally be empty-nesters after a short 40 years
of constantly having AT LEAST one child in their home.
[almost 40 years to the day, as my eldest brother turned 40 on AUGUST 22nd.]

so a big
to my parents for a successful 40 years of constant diapers, tears, hugs, birthday parties, barbies, legos, hot wheels, cheer, volleyball, football, soccer, softball games & try-outs, drivers ed, summer vacations & summer reading programs. 
hooray for making it out alive & keeping us all alive and on the right track in life. 
thank you for being amazing examples in your faith & hard work ethic and for being incredible parents.
NOW for the fun part:
[11 grand kids & counting]
time to spoil them like crazy & send them home at the end of the night ;)
oh, and break out the barbies, legos & hot wheels again!


normally it's TGIT [thursday]
as i normally work 4 ten hour days,
but today i am filling in for the sick, so TGIF
bonus, it's a very short day, only 4 hours.

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