21 August 2012

instagram catch up

boy have i been loving this summer.
i think i was home for maybe 2 whole weekends since memorial day.
been so busy, i apologize for lack of updates.

here's some instagram of an amazing summer

best friends bracelet from my BFF sarah, who turned SEVEN in JUNE!

told jacque i had a dream with taylor lautner in it,
next evening she sent me a good night pic & message

took julie to the bean in chicago

brought 10 frozen lou malnati's pizzas home to AZ

stayed at amazing hotel burham in downtown chicago last weekend of june

cutest chitown babies ever! channing & char-char

- my one weekend home in june -
taught myself bella's lullaby on my keyboard, need to practice some more

first weekend in july, first road trip solo, destination: los angeles
- cabazon on the way-

i made it! HOLLYWOOD

put my feet in kristen's feet prints, same size :)

2nd weekend of july - beautiful sunset on flight to san francisco

discovered my older sister jennelle sitting on ari's lap,
yes ari from the bachelorette,
this was back in high school

july 22nd, jennelle gave birth, in the car, on the way to the hospital
hello, josephine! can't wait to meet you on the 30th!
back to san francisco for second time in july
bay cruise under the golden gate :)

#allaboutsteve - swear it's sandra bullock in costume

jacque's birthday lunch at hiro sushi

the olympics everywhere! U-S-A!

lucy got a new stereo :) 

driving home from vegas second weekend of august

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