28 September 2012

adventures in san francisco

sept 16-21
heaven on earth, 1lb box, Anna's of San Francisco oatmeal cookies.
boyfriend is obsessed with hot sauce, brought this mini-a-ture one home for him.

if i never see a name tag again, it'll be too soon.
biggest debackle of name tags EVER! up til 3:30 am correcting.

1st hot chocolate of the season! it's freezing in san francisco.
laregest fly i've ever seen, real size, not enlarged here.

our "pimpin" ride to dinner tuesday night. very eric packer.

dinner & a show - biscuits & blues

ana popovic, amazing, AMAZING guitar player.

day view from the 19th floor at the st. regis.

night view from the 19th floor at the st. regis.

some more hot chocolate for this freezing weather.

goodbye st. regis, onto kensington place for the last night.

ut oh.  time for iPhone4s 2.0

prince harry doppleganger?

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