21 March 2014

80 days of 2014

Holidays are over.  New year has begun, and yet it feels like things have begun all over again for the second time already.  I promise I only blinked and yet, here we are 1/4 of the way through 2014.  Baby is here and life could not be better.  We had a whirlwind of a time since the ball dropped New Years Eve.  
January: Countdown really began for arrival of tiny human Rayyan.  A lot to prepare for and a baby shower to be had.  About a week before the baby shower I came down with Puppps.  I was pretty miserable for almost two weeks.  Luckily, I found two saving graces, Grandpa's pine tar soap while taking a cold shower (so miserable in January) and ice packs.  Husband was amazing and would get me new cold packs at 2:00am when the itching tended to be the worst.  I am extremely fortunate that the itching subsided within 10 days.  Some woman report that they itch until birth and sometimes, even after.  The rash stuck around for awhile longer, however the worst part, itching, lasted just under two weeks. 
The baby shower Julie threw was fabulous.  Book themed, the food table was full of children's books and coordinating foods.  Every guest was asked to bring a book to start out baby's library.  Boy, were we spoiled.  I love to read and have loved reading to baby in-utero and since his arrival.  This boy sure is loved.  
The day after the baby shower, my Grandpa Temple passed away.  That whole following week was a blur, funeral arrangements, viewing, funeral, luncheon.  We were lucky enough to see him on his final day.  His whole last few weeks went by in whirlwind.  Over the holidays he had been sick and we unfortunately didn't get to spend his last holidays together.  New Years we found out he had lung and brain cancer.  They gave him a few months to live, 12 days later he passed.   
The next three weeks were dedicated to anything and everything baby.  Dr's appointments, stocking up on diapers, groceries, cleaning house, writing thank you notes.  We thought we had longer, but baby had a mind of his own.  We had a list, smallish at this point, of things we still wanted to get done before baby came.  We even had a little date planned for valentine's day, kind of our last date night out.  Wednesday, February 12, one month to the day since my Grandpa's passing, and Mr.'s alarm goes off.  I rouse with my morning bathroom stop, being 9 months pregnant, not surprising this is my first activity of the morning, only to find my water has broken.  Twelve hours later I am holding my baby boy in my arms.  (Birth story to come tomorrow).
Which brings us to today, Friday, March 21 as our perfect little family of three.  The past 5 weeks have been filled with diapers, feedings, sleep and lack thereof, and tons of dr's appointments, oh and thank you notes that have still yet to go out.  I fail, major on that one. Hoping to finally get those out next week.  *fingers crossed*  
Here I sit, so blessed to be a stay at home mom, with the absolute cutest baby ever, who grunts relentlessly, and the best husband a wife could ask for.  From the moment my water broke, even before, I have had the best support from my Mr.  Starting with taking our Bradley birthing classes, to helping ease my pregnancy pains, and being the most kick A labor coach, honestly, I could not ask for more.  I am blessed beyond words.  
It was all worth the wait.  

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