23 June 2014


All our lives we are waiting for something to happen, the weekend, birthdays, holidays, vacations.  Me, I like where I am at and what I am doing.  I have no need for a time machine to speed up life up.  It's time to dance in the kitchen and sing in the shower, and just live my happily ever after.  
I find myself 4 months 10 days 1 hour and 41 mins since the time my son was born.  Life sure knows how to fast forward.  Mr.  keeps saying he can not wait for Max to run and talk and be able to play football with him; me, I just want time to stand still.  Max has already lost his newborn infant look.  He is a boy, a little man, with a great personality.  He is so incredibly funny.  All the time I find him giving me these silly looks and his constant giggles and that big, toothless, gummy smile, I melt.  I revel in these first moments of Max's life.  I will never get them back.
Recently, I was asked if I miss my "me time".  Time alone to do whatever I want.  And honestly, no, I don't.  My son feels like an extension of me, as though I have grown a third arm.  I would not know what to do if my days were not spent with him.  My life revolves around this beautiful boy of mine.  Being a mom is the best calling in life, and being able to be a stay at home mom is one of life's greatest blessing.  If it were not for Mr., I would not be afforded this incredible life, so a million times over I thank you again and again.

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