22 June 2011

father's day recap.

father's day weekend was great.
dad had a fun time.
saturday we had jason's kids so lots of noise and fun and swimming.
sunday we went to church then
we grilled him bbq chicken and made mashed potatoes, salad, corn, and had rolls too.
jacque, mom & i even made this AMAZING (although time consuming) 3 layer chocolate mousse cake.
it was really quite delicious.  
we want to make it again, but it takes a good part of your day, 
so we probably won't venture onto that one again any time soon. 
we got dad a kindle for father's day.
he not-too-slightly hinted at it vastly the past few weeks at work.
we have a couple patients who have them and every time he'd see one, he'd say loudly enough for me to hear:
"i would really like one of those"
hinting at the PERFECT father's day gift. therefore, i consulted with mom and the other J's and 
WAH - LAH his father's day gift, along with a belt {yay! not, haha}
that night we all played phase10.  boyfriend loves this game he was first one to the table to play.  
boyfriend is so cute when he plays games.   
gets really into it.  loves the game, then hates it.
it was a ton of fun.  we played with the man of the day, DAD, mom, jacque, jacob, and then of course, boyfriend and myself.
dad won, and no, we did not let him win because it was father's day, 
he actually kicked our booty at the game.

love you dad! hope you had a great day and enjoy that kindle. xoxo

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