17 June 2011

i love dads, not their old school photos on FB.

so i know father's day is this sunday...
and i love my dad, but honestly, this whole thing over on facebook where you post your dad's photo in honor of him for father's day is really, 
REALLY starting to 
i sign on to facebook and see all these men staring back at me,
the photos from their early years really look like creepy mcCreepsters.
photos from the 60's, 70's, 80's and beyond
something about the 70's:
let's talk about chester molester {not actually, but they look liked it back in the day, you know those mustaches and long hair}
i love all of your dads too, but let's go back to our normal photos of our brilliant selves:

i want to see you with:
 your dad (not just him by himself)
your favorite friend
your significant other {hey boyfriend}
even those kissy faces you take of yourself in the mirror

anything would be great because for some odd reason
all those men staring back at me kind of give me the heebie jeebies.
now, don't be offended, i don't mean all of them, 
but will i admit it to your face? probably not...
depends on if i like your dad or not. haha. JK. 
i love them all dearly, just maybe not their photo staring at me instead of your lovely faces.

peace & love and a


to all the dads out there and to those who left us too soon.

MUCH LOVE xoxo - j

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