15 June 2011

free five.

i have decided to dedicate this post to our free five
{you know, that list of 5 people in which if you were ever  
caught in an elevator with them you are totally free to make out or  
whatever with them and never get in trouble for it}  
but then again, it's only a list because even if you were stuck in an elevator with any one of these people you'd either feel one of two things: 
1. like a complete idiot for ever thinking of them in that way and now completely embarassed as though they can read your thoughts or 
2. totally in love with your significant other that there is no way you'd ever betray that trust even with a free 5
my list is extremely diverse in age - in alphabetical order, by first name, let me introduce you to:
daniel cudmore - 6'8" - 'nuff said
david beckham - brit boy - 'ello lovely

jake gyllenhaal - boy next door

ryan reynolds - did you see him in the proposal?
taylor lautner - maybe he could teach me a trick or two?;)
robert pattinson - my REAL brit - never mind to david beckham

now for boyfriend's free 5, and must i say, he has GREAT taste {haha}
they are all quite beautiful women, i approve!

angelina jolie - token bad girl
ashley greene - girl next door & friendly neighborhood vamp
kate beckensale - boyfriend's brit - 'ello beautiful
katherine heigl - blonde bombshell
scarlett johansson - 36" - 23" - 34" - one word: hourglass

who is in your free five? 
have any of the same as me or boyfriend?

1 comment:

  1. Katherine Heigl? Really? I think that's the only picture where I've ever seen her look attractive. I always get so angry when she gets matched with guys like Ashton Kutcher and Josh Duhmel. Guys like that just don't go for girls like Katherine Heigl. They just don't!

    I don't have a list--but I'm pretty sure Ryan Reynolds would be on my husband's list... he has a pretty gay man-crush on him!