13 June 2011

sarah bear.

her birthday was this past weekend a weekend ago.  she's my lil' baby.
when i was in college i started nannying for the wadsworth's.
sarah bear was only 2 years old. now she is 6!
i went to her birthday at the mcdowell mtn aquatic center.  really fun :)
then on tuesday i took her out on her very first BIG girls night out.
i let her choose dinner and she chose sauce.  now, i have never been there before so i was just as excited as she was for dinner.  i had stopped after work and got her a giant chocolate cupcake.
so i picked her up at 5:30 and took her to sauce.  we ordered some mac n'cheese and a cheese pizza.
it was actually amazingly tasty.  afterward i surprised her with the cupcake.  she asked me where i got it and i said i sneaked it in, she said you sure did, i didn't even see you bring it in.
then i took her to target to pick out a small present since i had previously given her a present at her bday party.
she chose some fun erasers from the $1 section and a super cute tangled polly pocket.
she is growing so fast! i can't wait for the next birthday, which will be sophia's.  i have decide to make it my tradition to take the girls out for their birthdays from now on. :)

sarah & selah on 6/4/11

sarah bear & i at her party on 6/4/11

driving to sauce

enjoying her mac'n'cheese

happy birthday sarah!! i love you

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