13 June 2011

i khara bout you.

khara was in town this weekend!
she is one of the absolute funnest (& funniest) people i know.
the weekend flew by and we did so much and had an awesome time.
now i am exhausted, body aching and sitting at work
{but had THE BEST time} so i'm okay with that.
friday she met me at my office and got to interact with some of my more colorful patients.
then we headed to gannon's work {dick's sporting goods} saw her and then headed to my side of town.
we picked up some jamba juice (i got white gummy - on the "secret menu" - she got strawberried wild extra banana) and went to my apartment.  khara met elvis, daisy and beethoven and we hung out til about 7 when we went out to dinner.
i told her we were eating at flo's - she envisioned a 50's style diner, whereas, i swore i had told her it was chinese restaurant.  we pull up to the restaurant and a very cute boy is waving at us {it was boyfriend} and khara says "that cute boy" is waving, little did she know it was isa. nonetheless we ate at flo's and had an amazing dinner.  the crab puff appetizers were one of the highlights of the meal :) i could eat an order okay, okay, 2 orders all by myself. then we went down to jester'z comedy improv.  it was quite hysterical.
saturday we woke up made french toast and bacon then went out to the mall.  bath & body works is having an INCREDIBLE sale - getting rid of classic scents, so of course, we went from store to store robbing them of our most favorite scents.  i think i ended up buying 6 candles and some
lotion, shower gel, & body spray.  (i may need to stop at the bath & body works on my side of town today after work) after finishing up at fashion square mall we went over to sprinkles and whispered the word of the day *frosting fight* and each for a cinnamon sugar cupcake for FREE.  khara and i eat got an additional cupcake {mine: strawberry - hers: vanilla chocolate}  that night khara wanted mexican so we went to uncle al's for dinner {aka Ajo Als} she thought i had said uncle al's when in reality i said ajo als.  food was amazing, service not so amazing.
afterward we were on a mission to go to cvs and find the eye drops from my vegas trip that jessica gave to me and that completely woke me up and got me going.  and we found them! could not be more excited for eye drops.  then we went home changed and went out to martini ranch to listen and dance to rock lobster. sunday we awoke and went to the good egg for breakfast. YUM! afterward we headed to people watch and rob bed bath & beyond (yes my original post said this) bath & body works of some more of their excellently priced items.  we eventually met up with boyfriend to see a movie {bridesmaids} hysterically ridiculous then picked up some dinner and headed off to the railroad park over on indian bend to watch the free concert in the park: rock lobster! 

rock lobster
they were a HIT this weekend, khara absolutely adored them {especially the bassist} mwaahhahaha 

free concert in the park sunday evenings in the summer!
the weekend ended with an early morning bagel run at einstein's then a sad wave and a kiss blown through the windows of our cars as i exited the 101 on my work exit and she continued her way on home.
i can now say she is safe and sound at home and that she is MORE than welcome ANYTIME!

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  1. I had such a blast with you this weekend! Great food, exciting entertainment, and YOU! What more can I ask for?? I think this is the first time I've been sad that I live in the OC =) Thank you SO much for all that you did for me this weekend!! *muah* xoxo