08 June 2011

murder mystery.

saturday night i hosted a murder mystery dinner:
pasta, passion, & pistols.

a very, very fun night!

on the dinner menu{all home-made }
appetizers - fruit salsa & cinnamon sugar chips
stuffed mushrooms
main course - breadsticks
turkey & mushroom lasagna
spinach & strawberry salad with candied pecans
dessert - strawberry shortcake
drinks - sparkling cider
raspberry sherbert punch

it was the first time i had made any of the food & surprisingly turned out quite delicious.

people at the party:
boyfriend - bo jalais
me - angel roni
gannon - mama rosa
carol - clair voyant
jon {brother} - marco roni
dalila {s.i.l.} - tara misou
isa {carol's husband/ "big isa"}- rocco scarfazzi
chris j. - father al fredo

boyfriend ended up being the murderer.  he was really into the game, it was really cute fun watching him get so into character and trying to peg the murder on someone else.  i definitely want to host another one in the near future! 

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